The world of good and evil

With a deep sigh, Rong Hua said, "Miss Meng is right. What Lord Fan has done is really chilling. We can die for the Lord of Batian City, but we can't die in such an unknown way. Except for me, other people don't know the inside story. They think that these more than one hundred brothers were really killed by the enemies of Batian City. They are the ones who lost their lives today." Then it may be us who will lose our lives in the future! Makino Jingfeng couldn't help saying, "Then do you know why Fan Shu delayed our journey?" Rong Hua said, "I'm far away from Batian City, so naturally I don't know what he's doing." Makino Jingfeng nodded, and Miner said:. So it seems that we need to speed up the rush to Batian City, because we have been delayed a lot of time. Muye Jingfeng was waiting to turn around when he suddenly remembered something and said to Rong Hua: "Will Fan Shu let you go in the future if Lord Meng said this to us?" 1 > Chapter 10 abandon evil and return to good. Rong Hua smiled helplessly and said, "I've always been a loner in Jianghu. Later, I heard that after Fan Shu became a member of the Batian City, he employed people with great talent and friendship, so he came to the Batian City. Fan Shu was really good to me. It wasn't long before he promoted me to the flag leader. But after a long time, I realized that the flag leader seemed to be second only to the city leader." In fact, because there are eight flag owners in Batian City, they check each other, and what Fan Shu really trusts is not the eight flag owners, but the people who seem to have no power, such as the previous 36 Zinong guards, and today's Xiaoshui people, our eight flag owners can only fight for him outside. After a pause,collapsible pallet box, he added, "I don't want to stay in Batian City anymore because of this accident." "Fan Shu won't let you go easily," said Min. "I know him," said Rong Hua, "but I believe it will not be easy for him to kill me." He gave a strange smile and said, "Because you are the first person he has to deal with now, and with your cultivation and the help of a person like Miss Meng, how many people in the world can deal with you?" Rong Hua felt that Fan Shu regarded the lives of his subordinates as worthless,plastic bulk containers, which was chilling. At the same time, he felt that once Fan Shu and Muye Jingfeng, two rising stars in Wulin, fought against each other, it would be Fan Shu who would suffer losses, because Muye Jingfeng had Miner beside him. Rong Hua admired Miner very much. Based on the above reasons, Rong Hua made up his mind to leave Batian City, or to leave Fan Shu. When Makino Shizuko saw that he was so devoted to Miner, he smiled and said to himself, Actually, we can't say who is assisting whom between her and me, because our hearts are connected. Everything is both my business and her business. He has lived in the mountains since he was a child, so he has no idea that men are superior to women. But there is no need to explain all this to Ronghua. "Take care of yourself," he said to Rong Hua. Carrying Miner left the ferry in a hurry, Ye Feifei and others were not very clear about what had happened at the ferry, plastic pallet price ,plastic pallet manufacturer, only to see Muye Jingfeng, who were at daggers drawn and disappeared, all secretly surprised. Makino Jingfeng had no time to explain to Ye Feifei. He only said, "Let's go back. We don't have to kill the hundred disciples of Batian City any more." Ye Feifei saw that he looked dignified and knew that something else had changed, so he did not say much. Just then, I heard a "plop" sound coming from the direction of the ferry. Makino Jingfeng looked back and saw that Rong Hua was standing at the bow of the boat, but the "old fisherman" had disappeared. Muye Jingfeng immediately understood and said to himself, "The old fisherman has been killed by Rong Hua!"! He could not help sighing to himself and thought to himself, "Rong Hua can become the flag leader of the overlord city, and he is really a little ruthless!"! The three of them galloped all the way in the direction of Batian City. On the way, Muye Jingfeng explained to Ye Feifei, and Ye Feifei's mood suddenly became heavy. Before sunset, they had arrived outside Batian City, and when they passed through Yaoping City, Songshan City, Zuozhen and other places under the control of Batian City, everything was as usual, and they were all stopped and interrogated. When the three of them appeared in front of the Batian City, the man guarding the city gate was about to come forward for questioning. As soon as he saw Muye Jingfeng, his face turned pale and he cried out as if he had met a ghost: "Mu.." Guard Mu is still alive! This man must have known Muye Jingfeng when Muye Jingfeng was still the "Decepticon Shiwei".
When Makino Jingfeng heard this, he was greatly surprised. At that moment, many people gathered at the city gate, pointing at the quiet wind of Muye, with a look of amazement on their faces, and someone rushed to the city like flying, presumably to inform. At this moment, two older Batiancheng men stepped forward and said to Muye Jingfeng, "Master Mu Wei, are you really still alive?" "That's a strange question," said Minerxin. "It's not a living person, but a ghost? Makino Jingfeng turned over and dismounted, saying, "I'm no longer a member of the Batian City. You two don't have to call me that. As for whether I'm really alive or not, I'm really a little confused when you ask me that." The two of them smiled awkwardly and said, "Don't take it amiss, Master Mu Wei. The reason why I asked this question is that a few days ago, an old man who claimed to be suffering in the evening came to the city and said.." Cough. Said to have killed Mu Wei Ye. Muye Jingfeng lost his voice and said, "The evening is bitter."? Kill me? The degree of surprise in his heart is really not small! Just then, the city quickly flashed out of a Biao people, by the stars arch moon general arch guard in the middle of the gas Yu handsome and extraordinary, Muye Jingfeng calm down a look, is the model book! "Is that brother Makino?" Fan Shu asked from a distance? Are you really alive? Makino Jingfeng immediately did not know whether to laugh or cry. A day ago. Mu Ye Di left Batian City and was about to walk out of the city gate when there was a rapid sound of hooves behind him. In a twinkling of an eye, he was close at hand. When Mu Ye Di was about to get out of the way, he heard a "sigh". The sound of hooves suddenly stopped behind him. As soon as Mu Ye Zhuo looked back, he saw Xiao Shui sitting on horseback and another horse he was leading. The horse was red all over, extraordinary, and must have good foot strength. Xiao Shui turned over and dismounted. He gave a deep salute to Mu Ye Di. "The castellan asked me to give this horse to Mr. Mu Ye. Please accept it, Mr. Mu Ye." Mu Ye Di hesitated for a moment and said,collapsible pallet box, "Thank the castellan for his kindness." At this time, he was eager to know how the master was, and a good horse was very important to him! Fan Shu can always take everything into consideration for people.
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