Jian Xiu's Way to Hit the Face [Quick Pass]

Not Song Yuyun, Xuanyuan's eyes flashed slightly, and he turned around uninterested, not even intending to respond, but at that moment, a tone of displeasure came from behind them: "No, there is someone in this position!" Yan Ze swaggered over from the back door of the classroom. He raised his eyebrows and glanced at the girl in the light pink dress with a bit of displeasure and anger. His thin lips, which were naturally raised, were tightly pursed at this time, revealing a bit of frightening evil spirit. He looked up and down at the girl and said, "Why are you still here?"? Move out of my way With an angry stare from Yan Ze's eyes, the girl with long hair in a light pink dress was so frightened that she didn't even dare to say another word. She nodded hurriedly, and her lips moved a few times. She didn't even dare to say sorry. She left the row of seats by the window in a hurry and found a seat on the other side of the empty seat in the corridor outside the door. It has to be said that when Yan Ze did not smile, his face was stiff, his long eyebrows were raised, and his phoenix eyes were full of evil spirits. It was really a bit scary. You can't blame other girls for being timid. You see, the dog-legged golden retriever who followed Yan Ze did not dare to come in. He only waved at the door and said, "Brother Ze, I'm going to find my class." He slipped away immediately. Yan Ze was a little upset, but inexplicably he did not know why he was unhappy. Standing beside the desk for a while, Yan Ze brushed the chair open and sat down carelessly. His movements were so undisciplined that he just put his legs up on the desk. Classmate Yan, what a coincidence. Xuanyuan turned his head back and nodded to him with a slight smile, "I'm still wondering when Yan will come to the classroom." In fact, he was in a daze just now and didn't think about anything. Grinding his teeth in the dark, Yan Ze said bitterly, "You can call me by my name,die casting parts, but don't call me classmate Yan. It's very strange, OK?" "All right, Yan Ze." Xuanyuan's tone was slightly disappointed, but he nodded with a broad spirit of tolerance for young people. Seeing that Xuanyuan had said hello to him, he turned his head sideways and looked out of the window. Yan Ze stretched out his head and looked at it, only to see a red and yellow flowerbed that was in a mess and not good-looking at all. He couldn't help saying in his heart, "What's there to look at? It's so ugly!"! Report this day, usually have to wait until 10:30 in the class to wait for the head teacher to come over, this kind of dry sitting and waiting for things boring, Yan Ze did not intend to come to class so early, but just now in the campus of No.1 Middle School, I don't know what crazy he was, inexplicably came over. Ah, ah, Magnetic Drain Plug ,deep draw stamping, ah, shame! Yan Ze wailed in his heart. He still couldn't help thinking of the Oolong incident that had happened during the summer vacation. The person who had witnessed his disgrace was sitting next to him. It was expected that he would be in contact with him in the next few years of high school. Where did this make his brother Ze's face go? There is such a guy in the class who has seen his humiliating appearance with his own eyes. How can his brother Ze mix in Jianghu? It's too humiliating and too embarrassing! Damn, all blame this boy, what long hair ah, deliberately misleading people! The heart is very depressed, Yan Ze simply lay down on the table, ready to sleep, last night stayed up all night playing games, today is really sleepy. It's not that he wants to play games, but he can't sleep without playing games and listening to his parents quarreling downstairs, so he might as well do something meaningful. Yan Ze was really tired and fell asleep in a daze on his desk, just as the classroom was very quiet, giving him a good sleeping environment. He slept soundly, as if he had dreamed of some messy things, all kinds of chaotic and beautiful pictures flashed through the dream, but did not leave much impression, and passed in a flash. Sleeping tonight, I don't know what night, sleeping Yan Ze suddenly felt someone pushing him, there is a clear and calm voice calling his name: "Yan Ze, get up.".
” Yan Ze opened his eyes sleepily and sat up slowly. He looked up and saw a long-haired female teacher with black-framed eyes standing on the platform. He yawned and turned his head lazily. Then he saw the man sitting next to him with his impressive face. Yan Ze immediately said, ".." You can't live with your own sins! Chapter 369 the male God of Xiaoqingxin High School Campus 10. It was the head teacher of Class 2 who stood on the platform. She pushed her black-framed glasses. After introducing herself with a smile, she opened the roster and said, "All the students know me. Now let me know you." Yan Ze curled his lips and said in a low voice, "Boring." There are only so many things at the beginning of school. Are you bored? What's the point? He could not help turning his head to look at Xuanyuan, and saw that the young man, who looked like a good student and wore a white shirt and black trousers, was wandering in the sky. He did not listen to the head teacher's speech on the platform at all. Seeing that he was also bored, Yan Ze immediately felt that he was not the only one who was bored. The head teacher of the second class, surnamed Zhu, is more than thirty years old this year. He has rich working experience and is also a backbone teacher. He has been a head teacher for several years. He is quite capable and skillful in how to manage the class and control the atmosphere. At this time, she called the roll one by one according to the roster, not only to let the students stand up and introduce themselves, but also to talk to the students herself. In this process, she not only familiarized herself with the students, but also made the self-introduction of the students more comprehensive, so that the students in the class had a clearer understanding. Lu Chenxi-which classmate is it? Teacher Zhu looked down at the roster, looked up in the classroom shuttle patrol again, can not help but pick eyebrows, today is the time to report, how this student called Lu Chenxi unexpectedly did not come? There is a photo attached to the back of the roster of No.1 Middle School. The photo is the registration photo of the senior high school entrance examination directly from the registration information. The photo following the name of Lu Chenxi is naturally the registration photo taken two months ago when Lu Chenxi weighed 230. According to that photo, it would be strange if Mr. Zhu could find the right person. I'm Lu Chenxi. Xuanyuan stood up, looked at teacher Zhu on the platform with light and calm eyes,titanium machining parts, nodded to her with a very calm attitude, indicating that he was, although most people would never think that he was the same person as the person in the photo. autoparts-dx.com


  • Everyone seems to agree that remote work is the future of the workplace day. People experienced work from home firsthand as a drift hunters consequence of the epidemic and, for the most part, considered it to be completely delicious. Some people are even going so far as to live the life of a digital nomad, cutting themselves off from both their residences and their places of employment.
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