Queen City-Cao Ruobing _ txt Novel Paradise

Wang Guangju gave a "cough" and said, "The girl turned out to be elder Chang's beloved daughter, Wang Mou, who was disrespectful!" Chang Tingting light tunnel: "You are welcome, you can say is a piece of what'secret map ''?". " Wang Guangju smiled and said, "According to legend, this'secret map 'shows the place where several rare treasures of the martial arts world are buried." Shi Jiajia asked, "What are these rare treasures?" Wang Guangju glanced at Shi Jiajia, shook his head and said, "Wang doesn't know!" "I don't think so!" "If you don't believe me, there's nothing you can do about it," said Wang Guangju. Since Shi Jiajia and the other three girls revealed that they were hiding in the tree, Shui Junhao had been standing quietly watching with an indifferent expression, and did not move. Now he saw that Wang Guangju refused to tell him what they were. Knowing that it would be futile to ask again, he suddenly said to Wei Zongding in a loud voice, "Brother Wei, please lend it to Xiaosheng." As he spoke, he walked slowly and calmly toward Wei Zongding. Shi Dachuan suddenly shouted, "Stop!" Shui Junhao stopped at his feet and asked, "What's the matter?" Shi Dachuan smiled and said, "You'd better go away quickly. Don't want to see the'secret map '. He won't show you either." Shui Junhao shook his head stubbornly and said, "No, Xiaosheng must have a look today!" Then he stepped toward Wei Zongding. Shi Dachuan shouted, "Boy, do you want to die?" The body moves slightly, blocks the way of Shui Junhao,die cast light housing, at the same time left palm one wave, clapped a palm. Shui Junhao sneered, his body flashed, and his palm was empty, but Shui Junhao was already in front of Wei Zongding like a snake. Shi Dachuan no longer expected such a weak scholar, and in a flash of his figure, he had already crossed his block, and did not see what posture the other side was using. Because of the accident, the mouth can not help but send out a surprised "addiction", said: "Boy,car radiator cap, dare you to use the evil law? … …" All of a sudden he failed to stop Shui Junhao, his face was really a little hanging, mouth said, the body flew around, arm stretched out, five fingers open, from behind straight to grab Shui Junhao's right shoulder. Shui Junhao did not even look back, his body moved three feet to the left, and his grasp turned into a grasp of Wei Zongding's chest. Wei Zongding shouted angrily, and with a wave of his sword, he cut Shi Dachuan's wrist! Shi Dachuan was startled and quickly shrank his wrist and retreated. However, at the moment when Shi Dachuan shrank his wrist and retreated like a flash of lightning, Wei Zongding felt that his right wrist holding the sword was numb, and the figure in front of him flashed. Before he could figure out what was going on, the "secret map" in his arms had already reached Shui Junhao's hand. In this way, the impermanent ghost and other group of thieves are in the heart! ; Forbid to be shocked! In particular, they were shocked by so many pairs of eyes, but none of them saw how Shui Junhao succeeded. Only then did they know that this weak scholar, metal stamping parts ,socket screw plug, who seemed to have no sign of practicing martial arts, was really a martial arts master with rare knowledge and high and small skills! All of a sudden, the group of thieves could not help but be shocked by Shui Junhao's strange and superb skills, and looked at Shui Junhao in a daze! As soon as Shui Junhao swept away the thieves, he smiled smartly and said, "I'm really sorry. Xiaosheng came one step later, but instead he took the lead.." Shi Dachuan suddenly shouted, "Good boy!"! You really know how to put on a show! In the loud shout, the body swoops on the face, the knife light flashes, a move "alone split Huashan", powerful and fierce straight at Shui Junhao's head! "Shi Dachuan, do you want to die?" Shui Junhao said coldly, crossing three feet at his feet and avoiding the knife. As soon as his voice fell, he suddenly felt the strong wind blowing on his left side, and the mourning stick of the impermanent ghost Miao Kun was already slanting toward his'shoulder nail point 'as fast as lightning! Shui Junhao turned slightly sideways and dodged Bang Jiu. "You should go back to the Ghost Mansion," he shouted coldly. With a wave of his left palm, he went straight to the chest of the impermanence ghost! He had deliberately wanted to destroy the ghost of impermanence under this palm, so that the palm was silent without wind, without the slightest power, but in fact it was the true power of the hidden, with strength to spit.
Impermanent ghost how to know fierce, in the mouth a anger "hey", single palm disease out of hard to meet! "Shoot!" Two palms meet solid, impermanent ghost feels the other side's palm force is incomparably strong, the body stands to be shaken to fly more than ten feet, falls to the ground, the mouth and nose overflow blood, the heart vein breaks to die! Thief said, all can not help but surprised! This is really too surprising, with the power skill of the impermanent ghost Miao Kun, unexpectedly is not the enemy of the other side. Wang Guangju glanced at the impermanent ghost who was lying dead on the ground. He took a deep breath and said, "Your Excellency is very skillful. It seems that you are by no means a nobody. Please report your name first. How about the'secret map '? How about we discuss it in the long run?" Shui Junhao gave a cold sniff and said, "Xiaosheng doesn't have that kind of interest in long and short plans. As for Xiaosheng's name, Shi Cheng, Zunjia, and so on, there's no need to know. It's better not to say." As soon as Wang Guangju's expression changed, he said, "Why do you refuse people? You should know that Wang is completely well-intentioned.." With a slight pause in his voice, Hei Hei gave a sneer and said, "Otherwise, even though you are very skillful, I'm afraid you won't be able to get away." Shui Junhao raised his eyebrows slightly and said, "You mean to join hands to deal with Xiaosheng." Do you want to seize this'secret map '? " Cai Lei smiled and said, "That's right. Your Excellency is so determined to refuse people. We'll have to do whatever we can to achieve our goal. We'll deal with you first, and then we'll make a plan." Shui Junhao glanced at the group of thieves and said coldly, "Well, if you have this heart, Xiaosheng will never let you down.." After a pause, he suddenly turned to Wei Zongding and said, "Brother Wei, why don't you step back and look on?" Wei Zongding suddenly stared and said, "No!" "Are you going to join them?" Asked Shui Junhao. "Unless you return the'secret map 'to me," said Wei Zongding. Shui Junhao smiled and said, "It's not difficult to return the secret map to you, but.." After a pause in his voice,car radiator cap, he said, "Now many people want to take it away. With Brother Wei's skill in martial arts, can you keep it from being taken away by them?" 。 autoparts-dx.com
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