Try to refuse me again.

The bottom line is, he won't see her for a month. Then he must miss her more. Chapter 36 On the day the final exam results came out, Li Yue looked at the results and called Xia Nan all night. Ye Chu is still the top of the list. After the last monthly exam, he was focused on by his Chinese teacher and English teacher. His memory is not bad, and his Chinese and English scores have improved rapidly. Even though the physics of the final exam is not as difficult as last time, his advantage is not so obvious. With other high scores in science, his total score is still the highest in the whole grade. Xia Nan is the sixth in the big list, and she has advanced one place. She is very satisfied to make steady progress. What made Li Yue angry most was Huang Yi's grades. Huang Yi got out of the top 30 last time, but this time she actually improved more than 10, and entered the upper and middle reaches of the class in one fell swoop. Li Yue was so angry that she shouted abuse: "How did she make progress so fast?"? I have to look at her face next semester. It's really unappetizing. Look at her grades. She got 130 in math? Is it all right? What kind of good luck is it that people and gods are angry together. Mom sells batches. "No," Li Yue thought more and more wrong: "I know, a Nan, Huang Yi must thank you very much." Xia Nan didn't quite understand Li Yue's words. She whispered, "This is what she got through her own efforts." "In my opinion, it was she who copied the thick math notes for you last time and reviewed them by herself, so that she could do so well in the math exam. In this way, she thought it was a blessing in disguise." For Li Yue's seemingly well-founded speculation, Xia Nan did not say much, but said something else vaguely to deal with the past. But in any case, the final exam is finally over,Nail production machine, and they can have a good year. Winter vacation is busy and short, buying clothes, visiting relatives, celebrating the New Year.. The plan on Xia Nan's winter vacation schedule was not half completed. Suddenly, she looked at the calendar again, and it was almost the end of February. Ye Chu did not disturb her as they said, but in the early morning of the first day of the New Year,wire nail making machine, like other people, he sent her a happy New Year, probably afraid that her mother would see it, he did not even add the word Nannan. He also sent a red envelope of New Year's greetings. Xia Nan was worried that the amount was too large, so she didn't get it. She just replied with a thank you. There was no reply from there. Xia Nan thought that neither of them would contact each other again after the winter vacation, until that night, when the screen of her mobile phone lit up and the familiar phone number appeared on the screen. She was visiting relatives at her cousin's house. She sat quietly on the edge of the bed and watched her cousins play cards. When her cell phone rang, she looked down and saw the phone number clearly. Xia Nan's hand shook and she almost threw the phone away. The voices of the adults in the living room came clearly from the next door. Her mother was laughing modestly: "No, no, not smart. Nannan was just lucky. She did well in the exam these two times. Her deskmate was even better. I heard that she was a transfer student. As soon as she came up, she got the first grade directly. I saw the report card. Mathematics and physics were almost full marks." I don't know how other people raise their children. Cousin cousin also did not notice this side, Xia Nan settled down, took the mobile phone, gently walked to the balcony, Nail machine manufacturer ,wire nail machine manufacturers, she closed the sliding door of the balcony, picked up the phone, whispered: "Hello?" The other side of the phone is particularly noisy, there is a mess of singing, heckling and so on, I do not know what Ye Chu said, and instantly quiet down. Ye Chu seemed to have changed places. After a while, his voice came from the receiver. It was still a familiar tone, deep and magnetic: "Nannan." Xia Nan clenched the microphone nervously: "What's wrong?" "Nothing." Xia Nan thought he had something important to call her directly, now he said nothing, she still has some inexplicable, but also want to ask, the microphone there came the voice of Ye Chu: "I just miss you like crazy." As calm as possible, but there are turbulent waves hidden under the surface of the glacier. Xia Nan put the mobile phone closer, she lowered her eyes, pursed her lips, she could hear. Ye Chu in the suppression of their emotions, winter vacation so long did not contact, she thought he had long forgotten her, but received this phone call she knew, no. His every word is a deep-seated yearning, strong and affectionate.
She didn't know what to say for a moment. Feeling something was wrong with him, she asked carefully, "Did you drink?" Hearing her question, Ye Chu's voice was tinged with a smile: "Did you start to take care of me before you entered my house?" Xia Nan was so choked by him that she almost bit her tongue. If she had known earlier, she would not have asked him this question. She had the feeling of lifting a rock only to drop it on her own feet. Nannan, listen. Although his side is quiet a lot, but still noisy, she vaguely heard the other side of the phone seems to be singing Mayday's "suddenly miss you", "suddenly miss you/where you will be happy or wronged.." It's one of her favorite songs. Last time she told Ye Chu, he remembered it. I don't ***ing miss you all of a sudden. I miss you all the time. It hurts my heart. Microphone, Ye Chu tone with some uncontrollable emotions, he could not help but think, Xia Nan is cruel, relaxed a "do not send me a message", so that he looked at her chat box day and night, but can not say a word more with her. He restrain himself from disturbing her life to see how long he could hold on, but he still broke down when he heard someone else order that song. Xia Nan heard his repressed emotions, she felt that she should comfort him, thought for a long time, only said: "School is about to start." I'll see you at the beginning of school. It seemed strange to say so, but she couldn't think of anything to say. She couldn't imagine what it felt like to miss her to the bone. When Ye Chu heard this, the dark pain in his heart was much less. He was comforted and loved by her clumsily. His tone was much better: "Yes, Grandma saw your picture and said that you had a good face. You looked lucky and very likable. She liked it very much." The more she said,Nail machine manufacturer, the more wrong she was. Xia Nan didn't quite understand: "Why did Grandma look at my picture?" "Let Grandma see what her granddaughter-in-law looks like in advance. Well, fortunately, she is very satisfied with you." 。
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