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There was another hissing roar, and then, as if the whole cave were shaking, a huge object flashed out of the hole. The body was as thick as the giant tree that Roddy saw when he went into the mountain, and it was covered with thick scales. Wherever the scales went, the stones hanging on the mountain wall fell to the ground one after another. It was a huge snake! The serpent crawled out of the cave, the lower part of his body immediately rolled into a ball, and the upper part of his body stood tall and upright-a dozen pairs of eyes seemed to glow green, looking at Roddy so faintly. …… Wait A dozen pairs.. A dozen pairs of eyes? Roddy looked up at the upper half of the snake and almost sat down on the ground. The snake's upper body to the ordinary snake seven inches of place, suddenly became thick up, and then divided into more than a dozen heads, each head is showing a triangular outfit, the head is covered with dense red thick scales, each head is open a big mouth of blood, highlighting the long tongue, the "hissing" sound. People can not help but listen to the cold to the bone! Roddy kept retreating, pushing himself to the edge of the mountain wall, looking up at the huge snake with more than a dozen heads in front of him,pumpkin seed extract, and Roddy's own mouth was wide open. "This.." This ***ing.. What a monster!! Roddy couldn't help shouting, and the hand that had just grabbed a handful of stones ready to "hit the snake" loosened, and the stones in his hands tinkled to the ground. Joking, with such a small stone against such a big guy in front of him. Such a big "snake"?? Small-say-t-xt-day. Don Chapter 118 the gate of the abyss. "Damn it!" Andy suddenly shouted at the top of his voice, "This is a kind of ancient Warcraft. What's it called?" 'Jorman Gund '! Yes, it's called the tooth of the abyss! It's not a ***ing snake! Roddy roared, "What Yolman Gund?"? Bastard,turmeric extract powder, old skeleton, what did you say. A word did not finish, only to feel the wind in front of him suddenly, a snake head has rushed over, Roddy jumped away in a hurry, heard a loud bang, the huge snake mouth has been severely bitten in the place where Roddy just stood, the original stone on the mountain wall has been broken and slipped. Before Roddy could stand still, he heard the wind blowing on his face on the left. He was so frightened that he immediately rolled on the ground. The other head of the serpent had already smacked on the ground, leaving a huge crack. The body of the serpent moved slowly, bringing up countless tiny stones. Get back! Get back! Andy screamed in his head. Just as Roddy was about to open his mouth to retort, Andy's voice came to mind: "Shut up, gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract ,carnosic acid price, boy!"! You shut up! Get back! This guy is blind! If you can't see you, don't make a sound! Roddy immediately shut up and slowly retreated to the foot of the cave with his hand on the mountain wall. Seeing the body of the serpent gradually unfolding, the huge body slowly swimming in the cave, more than a dozen heads testing everywhere, from time to time hit the stone splashing. What the hell is this? What do you mean by "Yolman Gund"? Roddy leaned down and asked Andy in his heart. Andy's voice was a little strange. "I've heard of this thing before when I followed my master-Yolman Gund, the tooth of the abyss.". It is the ninth son of the legendary magic dragon, senior Warcraft! Roddy stared at the body of the serpent, which had gradually occupied almost half of the cave within a radius of 100 meters, and more than a dozen heads were bumping around, shaking the whole cave as if it were trembling. Can't help but ask: "How can there be Warcraft on the land of light?!"! As early as in ancient times, Warcraft was extinct in the land of light. "How the *** should I know!" Angry, Andy said in a deep voice, "Be careful. This thing is powerful, but it's actually blind.". As long as you don't make a noise, it won't find you for a while.
” "Blind?" Roddy swallowed and spat, glancing at the huge body of the snake rolling around not far away, and the green eyes on its dozen heads-the terrible eyes were really blind? Following Andy's words, Roddy gently moved behind a rock. As soon as he breathed a sigh of relief, he heard Andy say in his mind, "Let me think about the way to deal with this thing." When the master went to Roland, it was said that he had met this kind of thing. I heard that although it was a little stronger and the flame was a little stronger, it should have a weakness. "Weakness?"? What weakness.. Uh Wait Roddy suddenly stiffened, gritted his teeth and shouted, "What did you say?" This damn thing will.. Breathe fire? Before Roddy had finished speaking, the huge body suddenly stopped twisting and was coiled up again. A dozen heads stood up and opened their mouths at the same time, showing two long and sharp snake teeth in each mouth. There was a loud noise, and the snake's mouth suddenly howled like a beast of prey! Then one of them stretched out his head and suddenly spewed out a red flame ten meters long! Wherever the flames went, even the stones were burned black, and Roddy was so surprised that his jaw almost fell to the ground! Damn, this kind of monster, which should only exist in books and legends, is howling and breathing fire in front of his eyes today? One snake mouth breathed fire, the other dozen snake mouth also slightly raised two times, at the same time a dozen flames spurted out! Immediately, Roddy felt a scorching heat wave in the cave, and more than a dozen flames kept raging in the cave, burning the stones hot. Seeing the flames constantly spewing out of the snake's mouth, the flames raging everywhere were getting closer and closer to Roddy, and the place where Roddy stood was gradually being burned by the flames. Suddenly a snakehead did not know when to reach a dozen steps in front of Roddy, the green eyes seemed to be in front of Roddy, Roddy did not dare to breathe,pumpkin seed extract, endure the heat wave. Clutching the dagger in his hand. The head of the snake opened wide, and Andy immediately shouted in his mind, "Quick!"! Use your fighting spirit! 。 prius-biotech.com
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