Let me look at you.

Sun Jingling did not care about him and went to arrange food for his son. Han Shu sat on the sofa with his father and watched the local news broadcast on TV while drinking tea. Just as the news was broadcast to the annual meeting of the political and legal work of the whole province, Han Shule, who had been somewhat perturbed, pointed to the TV and laughed: "Dad, isn't that you?" President Han was noncommittal. You don't say, the camera swept, our Dean Han is the most handsome. President Han couldn't help laughing. "Nonsense. We have a serious meeting. Who cares whether he is handsome or not?". Speaking of the meeting, I had a meal with Attorney General Ou of your city procuratorate after the meeting. He also asked about you. Twenty years ago, Xiao Ou worked under me for a period of time. He also contributed to your arrival at the city procuratorate. You, ah, also do not know the importance, have you so dragged in the original unit refused to report to the new department? When it comes to work, Han Shu is more serious. He only said, "Dad, you wait. I will catch a big one soon." President Han loosened his tie. "Young people, remember to be cautious and solid in doing things.". I also saw Lin Jing at this meeting. Lin Jing is a few years older than you. Now she is the head of Chengbei Court. You have a good relationship with him. Can't you learn from other people's words and deeds? You don't have to praise one to belittle the other, just like I like to drink lemon tea, but I didn't say that your Longjing is bitter, right. Besides, it's not necessarily difficult to achieve Lin Jing's step. "If you weren't my son,ghana seed extract, Han Shiwen, it wouldn't be difficult!" Han Shu also wants to argue strongly. He admits that his success in his career is inseparable from his status as "Han Shiwen's son," but this cannot deny his own efforts; just as he does not feel the same. But he held back. He couldn't fall out with the old man today. At the dinner table, Sun Jinling frequently put food in his son's bowl as usual. Han Shu had something in his heart, and the taste in his mouth was weak. What are you thinking about, son? You don't want to eat or drink. Sun Jinling asked. Han Shuxiao: "I am not allowed to have something on my mind?" "What else can you think? It's all rubbish." President Han said. How can the great event of life be said to be a mess? Han Shu half-jokingly finished, did not hear his parents for a while, raised his head from the rice bowl,stesweet stevia, only to find that the other two people on the table both put down their chopsticks and looked at themselves. It seems that he underestimated the importance of this matter in the old man's mind. Baby, did you find a girlfriend again? Han Shu coughed lightly and said, "Mom, can you get rid of the word'again '?" "Who is it?"? How about it? Sun Jinling asked. Who is it? It's the person I like. As for what it looks like, it looks like what I like. Sun Jinling had not asked that before, and Han Shu's answer was always the same, but at that time he always said, "That's the person who married me, looks like your daughter-in-law." This time he said he "liked it.". Sun Jingling and her husband looked at each other. Ture? Then you must bring the girl back and let us see her. Han Shu shook his head repeatedly, "I'm afraid to see you all ready, not to mention her?" "Nonsense!" President Han reproached, "When did your mother and I interfere too much in your emotional affairs? We just want you to find someone who is innocent." "I am serious, but others may not be willing to come with me." Hearing this, Sun Jingling laughed and looked at her husband and said, akba boswellic acid ,jujube seed powder, "I can't imagine that our second child also has bones that can't be gnawed down." President Han did not laugh, "what is the other party's surname and what does he do?" "Mom, you see my father is on a political trial." Han Shu avoided President Han's direct question and turned to his mother for help. Your father cares about you. Han Shu said, "I know what you will ask, what she does, how old she is, what she does at home.." But these are all empty. Why don't you ask her if she's kind, if she's smart, and if I'm happy with her? Sun Jinling followed his son, "Well, then you say whether she is kind or not, whether she is smart or not, and whether you are happy together?" Han Shu put down his chopsticks and answered firmly, "of course!" Then he added, "At least I feel happy." "Three minutes of passion, only for the present, it is also superficial happiness.".
” Sun Jinling pressed her husband's hand, "Don't think so badly about your son.". Han Shu ah, you also don't blame us two old anxious, your sister gave birth to a child abroad, your father does not say, the heart is also regret, if you can settle down one day earlier, have a child.. Han Shu's casual interface: "If one day I really bring the child to you, you are not allowed to jump next." "What did you say?" Seeing that his parents were all stupefied, Han Shucai regretted his slip of the tongue. After some probing, he felt more and more uncertain. It seemed that he still had to take a circuitous policy. He put the old man aside first and persuaded his mother to talk about it. So he grinned, "I mean, when you retire, I'll really throw the baby to you. Mom, you won't have so many operations, and my dad won't have so many meetings and social gatherings, so he'll take care of the baby for me every day. Don't say it's annoying." He was talking nonsense, and Sun Jingling laughed it off. Unexpectedly, President Han, who had just picked up the bowl, put his chopsticks down heavily. "You're also thinking about my retirement. What good is my retirement to you?" President Han's inexplicable anger surprised Han Shu. He did not know what was going on. Seeing that his mother was silent, he did not dare to say anything. He bowed his head and picked up the rice. There was a sudden silence at the table, and no one spoke again. When President Han put down his chopsticks and left the table, Han Shu went to Mongolia for amnesty. When he saw his mother tidying up the bowls and chopsticks and walking into the kitchen, he hurried in and rushed to wash the dishes. Sun Jinling dotes on his son when he is young. Han Shu doesn't do any housework and washes dishes very few times. Seeing that he had put on his dishwashing gloves, Sun Jinling said with a smile, "What's wrong with this child today? When your father sees it, he has to say that you'have nothing to do with gallantry or rape or steal '." Just as Han Shu was wondering, he leaned close to Sun Jinling and asked in a low voice,ghana seed extract, "Mom, I didn't say anything wrong, did I? The old man looks like someone stepped on his tail. What's wrong?" 。 prius-biotech.com
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