Seducing Fragrance (Ghost, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Urban Love, Fantasy Space) Author: From Far

He's no match for this man! Du Yan has never felt fear and powerlessness so clearly as at this moment. He clearly remembered his grandmother's teaching that in such a situation, he could not fight hard and try his best to get away with it. Knowing that the enemy has to fight hard, it is undoubtedly an egg hitting a stone, looking for death! Du Yan involuntarily stepped back, Su Su's screams became weaker and weaker, the line of sight fell on Su Su, but the ghost who was about to die did not have any resentment and complaint, black lips open, in addition to the screams, only kept silent to Du Yan said, "Run, run!" Su Su did not know whether the person who caught her would hurt Du Yan, but she knew that if Du Yan did not run away, or even intended to help her, then this person would certainly not give up! She is a fierce ghost born of resentment, unusually sensitive to resentment and hatred, the man behind her, gathered too much of this kind of hostility, he is not the same ghost as her, but more terrible than her kind of thing! She doesn't want anything to happen to Du Yan, absolutely not! Du Yan bit his lip, watching the man wantonly tearing Su Su's soul, watching Su Su twisted in pain but still wanted to let himself escape, finally,Self-closing Shower Valve, snow-white teeth clenched lips, a trace of bright red down Du Yan's lips, rich blood gas, distributed in the wind, brought into the nose of the predator, attractive fragrance filled the air. Bai Hui has never smelled this taste, attractive, sweet and greasy,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, a dry cough in his throat, this feeling of hunger, has not been tasted for decades. He had never killed anyone since he started eating ghosts, but the sweet and greasy taste made him recall the feeling of being soaked in red. Finally, the fangs pierced the gums, casually threw Su Su aside, and Bai Hui stared at Du Yan's bright red lips for a moment. When Du Yan saw Bai Hui let go of Su Su, he immediately took out a piece of yellow paper from his backpack, bit his finger, drew a strange hexagonal pattern on the paper, and quickly patted the old tree beside him. With a slight explosion, Su Su, who had collapsed into a ball, quickly disappeared. Du Yan's hand was also tightly caught by Bai Hui. Feeling the cold on his wrist, Du Yan trembled faintly. He was not afraid, but he was obsessed and missed the chance to escape. The hand that was not caught reached into the bag, and he remembered that there was a folding knife in his pocket. Bai Hui looked at the red on Du Yan's fingertips almost obsessively, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,Stainless Steel Shower Tray, and when Du Yan almost thought he was going to kill himself, he actually put Du Yan's finger into his mouth, rolling the cold and sticky tip of his tongue, wrapping all the sweet taste into his bright red lips. The author has something to say: Bai Hui is an oriental variety, which is for sure. Chapter 14 Whew. Whew. Du Yan gasped for breath, his throat was hot and dry, his ears were rumbling, and his chest was almost bursting with pain because of the lack of oxygen. In front of the faint dark, legs are more and more heavy, but he can not stop, must run, run! Run until the man can't catch up. There seemed to be no end to the road in front of him, and the fingers licked by the man also hurt faintly. Du Yan's steps became heavier and heavier. Finally, he stumbled and fell to the ground. The sharp sand and stones wore out his jeans, leaving bright red scratches on his knees and palms. The red blood oozed and dripped down the wound, silently splashing dust invisible to the naked eye. It all played back like slow motion in front of Du Yan's eyes, until a shadow hung over him, blocking the sun and sprinkling a cold shadow. Du Yan did not have time to raise his head, a big cold hand has strangled his neck, terrible breath blowing in his ears, sharp pain tore his blood vessels, despair began to spread. Ah! With a loud cry, Du Yan suddenly sat up from the bed, his pajamas were completely soaked with cold sweat, his black hair was wet and stuck to his forehead and face, his black eyes were full of fear, and his lips, which had become pale because of a nightmare, were dry and open, breathing heavily. He closed his eyes and raked his hair twice.
It's been a week.. I've been having this nightmare for a week. Du Yan lifted the quilt, stood up, turned off the air conditioner, and went into the bathroom. Standing under the shower in his pajamas, the warm water flowed slowly down his hair, sliding over his pale face, and into the collar of his pajamas, leaving moist traces on his young body. Looking up, Du Yan closed his eyes tightly and let the water wash his face constantly. Only at this moment could he escape from that nightmare. On that day, the terrible man grabbed his wrist and sucked his blood from his fingertips. Du Yan, after his initial astonishment, began to fear faintly that this man, who seemed to be sucking his life from his fingertips, was greedy, unsatisfied, and wanted to take away everything from him. And that beautiful face is more and more strange, stained with bright red lips seems to be because of the foot and raised a touch of radian. This terrible man is like a beautiful ghost in Liaozhai. Inadvertently, he can confuse people's minds and take people's lives. For a moment, Du Yan's mind had faded away, and he even felt that it was a matter of course to be taken away by this man. It was not until the man let go of his fingers and the cold fingertips reached the corners of his lips and wiped away the bright red on his lips that Du Yan woke up. As the man bent over, he took out a folding knife from his backpack and cut it on the man's face. There's no blood! Du Yan stared, watching the man's face is not shallow scratches are healing at a speed visible to the naked eye, but a moment of time,stainless steel shower tray, unexpectedly disappeared. The voluptuous face was smooth again. Interesting.. The man's fingertips touched the cheek that had just been scratched by Du Yan, narrowed his eyes slightly, and the dark pupils clearly grabbed Du Yan's face with consternation and panic. "It's been a long time since no one has been able to hurt me. It's really interesting.." 。
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