The moon said it forgot.

In this life, how many sincere words are expressed in the way of jokes? Some words are true, but they are always taken as jokes. Some of it is a joke, but we all know it's true. Later, whenever I was free, I would go back to visit yuan's mother. It didn't take too long for her to resist me at first and slowly accept me into her life. Once I went back to school from yuan Zuyu's home. On the way, I met Du Xun. He was pushing Chen Zhiqing for a walk. When he saw me, he smiled. I guess he wanted to ask me how my family was doing, but I really didn't know anything about Yun Liang's life after he left here. Maybe Yun Liang uprooted himself on purpose and never remembered the past again. When Du Xun went to the convenience store, I squatted down and looked at Chen Zhiqing. This was the first time I talked to her. I asked him L: Are you together again? She smiled and shook her head. "How could it be? He just came to accompany me occasionally out of sympathy." Looking at the blanket covering her legs, I knew it was cruel to ask what I was going to ask next, but I still asked: "You.." Do you regret it? She was stunned and looked away. After a long time, she answered me: "Regret.". Yes, I regret very much.. But the most wonderful and cruel thing in life is the same thing, that is, you can't do it again. After separating from them, I went to the train ticket agency to buy a ticket back to Z City. I don't know why, but I suddenly wanted to go back and see my mother. The wheels rubbed against the rails, and every traveler in the carriage had a tired face. I suddenly remembered that Yun Liang said,Flush valve price, "Let's go on according to our own ideas and see who is closer to happiness in the end".. In fact, Yun Liang, in the end, which one of us has been close to happiness? Happiness is nothing but flowers in the mirror and moon in the water. Love is in name only. Outside the car window, it was like an ancient wasteland, and there were little lights in the mountain village. Night above, a full moon quietly gazing at the vast world, joys and sorrows it saw too much,Stainless Steel Toilet China, perhaps a lot of things, it has forgotten. Please still believe that love is Sadness in the moonlight. Wen/Canoe I don't want to spend too much time emphasizing the process of writing this book, no matter how hard it is. This is my character, I do not like to sell my misery, if others like me or my words because of these, I think I will not be happy. From "Stars in the Deep Sea" to "The Moon Says It Forgets", in one year, I have traveled through many cities, met many people, and many new characters and stories have appeared in my life. I want you to see my insight from this book-even if it is the growth that is encouraged by fate, it is also growth. For more than a year, many people who have been paying attention to me for a long time have told me, Zhouzhou, Flush Retrofit Kit ,stainless steel toilet, I think you have changed. Exactly where has changed, the replies they give are almost the same, calm and mature. I think maybe life is such a process, from openly raising the banner of rebellion when I was young, to now taking off the disguise, reconciling with everything I once hated, and understanding the cruelty and beauty of youth from this reconciliation. "The Moon Says It Forgets" is my first real novel, and "Stars in the Deep Sea".. You know, it's almost my autobiography, and I think it's very interesting that the ancients said that if you want to "speak", you must first "establish yourself", but I turn around and "establish yourself" through the way of "speaking". I like the words of the woman named Shen Yan in this book. She said that no matter how deeply you have been hurt, there will always be a person who makes you forgive all the difficulties that life has made for you before. What she said is what I want to convey to you through my words. I still believe in love. At the beginning, I discussed the outline with my editor Song Xifei, and she said, let's write a story that overthrows love this time. Included in my collection "You are my exclusive memory" in the middle of the "dream can not wake up", I have listed many forms of love, but I did not write about the only one, is the disillusionment of love.
So when I said to her, OK, let's try this time, what did the two girls leave behind after their cruel love. Everyone in this book has his own story behind him. I like this way of expression. Even the walk-on has his own life. I abandoned the habit of using flowery words in the past and tried to see if I could tell a good story in concise language. I think I tried, and I did it. Many people say that over the years, I am the one who grew up with them. Many times, when I look through old magazines and see the word "canoe", I will think of what I have experienced. It's my pleasure, really, and I'm happy from the bottom of my heart. Over the years, you have also given me a lot of care, encouragement, and love. It is your love that makes me finally not afraid of being in this cruel world. It is your love that makes me, who is not good enough, finally forgive the life that is not good enough. The best time. Wen/Canoe [Wedge] Gu Ciyuan, I hope you can wake up, this is my only wish for the rest of my life. No one knows, in fact, I secretly went to see Gu Ciyuan later. In the silent night, I stood in the intensive care unit and looked at the sleeping teenager in the moonlight. He looked so beautiful, but because of my sins, he was lying in bed like a dead man. My expressionless face was reflected in the glass, and even my eyes were empty. It would be futile to find the slightest trace of regret on my face. I do not regret, although I see Gu Ciyuan's appearance that life is worse than death, although I have mixed feelings in my heart, but I do not regret it. I know myself so well that even if I go back in time and the scene reappears,Time Delay Tap, my decision will not change at all. If you can't be with me.. Of course, I know you won't be with me. Since I am not your lover, I will be your enemy.
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