to think or not to think

Chapt. 46

For me, when the way prevails I'm more likely to see the reality of whatever situations come up. And act accordingly, which is in a more moderate, thoughtful manner. When the way doesn't prevail, then I'm much more focused solely on whatever desire has grabbed ahold of me. For example, a family member may forget to do something important, which then creates a problem I have to deal with. If internally I am centered, content, then I'm more likely to calmly express my perspective on the situation, telling the person how it effects me. We can discuss ways to try to avoid the problem in the future. If war-horses are breeding, which can be my emotions taking hold, and my desire to have the situation be perfect overrides rationality, I'm more likely just to vent anger, criticizing the other person, and generally making us both feel bad, without really getting the reality of the situation dealt with.

The trick with not having too many desires, is figuring out what desires work OK in moderation. We all have to eat, rest, etc. If I watch a video, am I taking a break to relax, am I avoiding fixing something around the house, or running away from my worries about finances? ONe of the things I'm finding is that totally focusing on what's happening in the moment, helps clue me in to what's really happening inside myself. Not being content, being covetous, all stem from something uncomfortable inside myself. Unfortunately, if I'm so focused on something happening a certain way, where I shut out everything else, then I'm usually unable to recognize that I'm not at all content, I'm covetous of some thing that I want, and I then have a very hard time acknowledging other people's perspectives. Compassion can certainly go right out the window.

It's funny how being content is often seen as fulfillment of desire, i.e. being content after a big Thanksgiving meal. I understand contentment as having enough, because I desire very little. The problem is, there are so many times when I desire a lot. Not just desiring, say, a comfortable new house, but desiring understanding from people I talk to, desiring closeness to others and yet wanting alonetime, when I want it. This is one of those chapters that so exemplifies that the sage's words are easy to understand, yet few can put them into practice.


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    well, I'm big on thinking, and then i read 'those who think do not know, those who know do not think'-aggh! well, as long as you're thinking about what you're thinking about, i think it's ok to think...
    I accept nothing at face value. I dont necessarily believe something is a rock just because I've always been told that 's what that object is, or my intellect tells me it is. I dont believe i cant walk on water just because i've always been told I cant. One's belief in 'can't is too often stronger than their belief in 'can' i jumping around here?
    Thinking is not believing, what is, is, and thinking about it won't change it, but it can change yor actions towards it...i think?
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    well, thans mainly to this website, I've been thinking now for over a week, and I'll tell you, it's not getting any easier...hard to break old habits (of just going thru life, shaking my head and smiling, saying "How 'bout them Seahawks?!").

    My main problem is I'm doing it on the run-always gogogo-have to be 'accomplishing' something...daily mediation has always been a goal of mine, seldom achieved, but I really need to-like exercise, it's something I enjoy hugely, invigorates me, cleans my system and mind out, yet I avoid both assiduously...why? I do not know.

    I need to realize the earth is always spinning at thousands of miles oan hour, it's ok for me to slow down, stop once in a while, and count my beans...
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