Surface Waters - Deep Waters

So, anybody ever read the oz series, or have we all just seen the movie? Thats all i knew until i recently got a roommate who loves the books and turned me onto them-dozens of books, with fascinating chareters, ranging far beyond the judy garland movie...check them out, you wont be sorry, especially if you like fantasy.


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    Nature designed us (via 'evolution') to be most aware of surfaces, as the old saying notes about judging books by their covers. In fact, this is how all the myriad creatures (all things in creation really) interact. It is a tumultuous affair for sure, the experience of which made seemingly worse by our mind. We dwell on the '[chref=2]before and after[/chref]' of our interactions through memory and imagination, not realizing how they 'cancel out' each other. We believe the illusion and cling to [chref=52]the discernment[/chref]. Thus, we helplessly live out endless virtual interactions in our mind's world - "what if", "oh crap", "oh boy", "maybe", "nuts", "tomorrow" and "yesterday". Much never pans out to be anything in real life. So it just adds to the chaos we sense. Although to be sure, we also sense and yearn for deep [chref=16]stillness[/chref] - "heaven", "peace", "joy", "love"... and so on. But, you see the problem, don't you? Nature did not set us up to live a life of rest in deep [chref=61]stillness[/chref]. 'She' saves that for death. Nature needs player not spectators in its game of creation.

    And so... [chref=63]Therefore even the sage treats some things as difficult. That is why in the end no difficulties can get the better of him.[/chref] If we [chref=41]assiduously[/chref] face the 'problem' honestly we can return to [chref=20]being fed by the mother[/chref]. Simply said, we get out of life exactly what we truly [chref=1]desire[/chref]! So, let us be [chref=64]careful at the end[/chref] of each moment - at the end of each breath - what we truly wish for.
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