Decentralised Crypto Wealth Management

Decentralised crypto wealth management envisions to put the power of investment and the decision to make them into every individual’s hand. Defi asset management protocols like aarnâ, help in materialising this vision


  • At aarna we are working on decentralising the alpha value chain by enabling social alpha creation with the help of human expertise and intelligence. Our defi asset management system
    makes investment in tokenized product simple and smooth. Join aarna
    and build a sustained crypto wealth.
  • Defi investments are fairly new and mass adoption of its investment products is still a long way. There might also be concerns around safe crypto investments in the defi space as well. Aarna is addressing these pain points to enable adoption of crypto investments by the mass affluence by catering to adaptability, safety and scalability.
  • Aarna is one of its kind DeFi Investment Protocol that brings together human expertise, blockchain engineering and AI to provide best investment strategies for users. The engine provides actionable insights for the alpha creators to create crypto structured products. Users can track, transact and discover alpha on our platform.
  • Aarna protocol has integrated deep learning models that run on millions of users' blockchain metadata and users’ risk profile to recommend assets. Alpha creators also use organised data to build investment plans. Aarnâ offers tokenized assets that enable autonomous alpha discovery.
  • Alpha is inaccessible due to various reasons such as asymmetric access, disorganised information and centralised structure of financial institutions. Aarnâ aims to decentralise the alpha value chain and ensure mass adoption of crypto. The engine is a one stop solution for users and alpha creators to build a robust alpha value chain.
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