How can one talk to a person at Southwest?

When you travel with any disabled passenger, you need to apply for special assistance, but what if you forget to apply at that time? Then you can apply for it by connecting with the representatives of the airlines. If you are traveling with Southwest airlines, you can avail of several benefits like refunds, miles offers, etc. If you get any issues or want to know any information like flight status or luggage information, then you can connect with a representative of Southwest. To know detailed information on Get a Human on Southwest Airlines, you need to read below.

Different ways to connect with Southwest airlines are below.

Via call: If you want to resolve your query quickly or if you want to avoid the long process of sending your query, then you need to go with the call option. To connect on call, you have to dial the customer care number of southwest airlines. Then you need to follow the IVR instructions.

Choose 1 to reserve a flight or modify the bookings
Choose 2 to cancel the flight.
Choose 3 If you have a query related to lost luggage
Choose 4 to know about special assistance
Choose 5 to connect with the representative

Choose the IVR instruction carefully and connect.

Via chat: To send your query through chat, you must follow the below points.

• Open the website of southwest airlines in your browser
• Then click the contact us page from the left side of the screen
• After this, you can see a chat option to connect; select that
• Following this, you need to mention the booking information
• Then a chat box will open where you need to mention your query and send it.
• Last, the representative will see it and provide you with solutions.

By reading the above, you will get to know about how do I contact Southwest by phone. Still, if you get any issues, you can also send your query through the mail. Get more information for date change, cancellation, and refund Click here.
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