Why Do We Break Our Resolutions?

Hi Tom, Here's a few thoughts on this...
[cite] TommyO:[/cite](1)...if I really want to help others I need to do nothing...

(2)... Leading others back to Tao.

(3)... Yet he leads others.

(1) Our wanting (desire, need) to help others is driven by our social instinct. What we think is 'helpful' is usually a projection of our own needs and fears, and so often does not truly help others, especially in the long term. Starting out by "doing nothing" helps us 'do' our [chref=16] utmost to attain emptiness[/chref]. As we attain that, we are more apt to [chref=16] act from knowledge of the constant[/chref]. In short, we need to first plumb [chref=19]self[/chref] honesty until our [chref=16] action will lead to impartiality[/chref].

(2) There is no "back to Tao". [chref=40]Turning back is how the way moves[/chref], and if we want to feel [chref=39]One[/chref] with that, we [chref=65]model[/chref] how 'it' [chref=5]works[/chref]. Thus, [chref=66] desiring to lead the people, one must, in one's person, follow behind them[/chref]. Not only in one's person, but in one's mind. [chref=21]Follow[/chref] is key. Important to me is the view that [chref=49]the sage has no mind of his own. He takes as his own the mind of the people.[/chref] Not only will those we help [chref=17] say, 'It happened to us naturally'[/chref], we will also know 'it' happened to us naturally. Knowing that [chref=64] whoever does anything to it will ruin it; whoever lays hold of it will lose it[/chref] helps us just do the one thing that is within our 'power' - be true to ourselves, even is this feels like a [chref=64]a journey of a thousand miles[/chref]. There is no short cut!

(3) [chref=57]I take no action and the people are transformed of themselves;
I prefer stillness and the people are rectified of themselves;
I am not meddlesome and the people prosper of themselves;
I am free from desire and the people of themselves become simple like the uncarved block. [/chref]

My word, I really plagiarized the 'good book' this time! :)


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    Often we say it is because we lack of discipline. Nope! A thousand time Nope!

    We break our resolutions because we lack understanding, in the Buddhist sense of the word - [chref=47]knowing[/chref] in the Taoist sense. When we [chref=43]know[/chref], action follows [chref=17]naturally[/chref]. It is [chref=64]easy[/chref] because there is no other way. It is [chref=71]difficult[/chref] because the 'self' - "I" - is helpless in this matter and [chref=46]fleet-footed desires[/chref] pull us off onto [chref=53]by-paths[/chref].
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    So what do we do? I'm exercising more, but I would like to eat less. Discipline never works for me; you're right about that. Any suggestions?
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    [cite] Lynn Cornish:[/cite]So what do we do.... Any suggestions?
    Always!... :lol:

    Seriously, the only thing I've found that works is knowing. When I truly know, I can't help but do, or not do, as the case may be. Actually, I only know what I know by being aware of what I do and don't do, i.e., my actions reflect my knowing. This approach helps me be self honest and avoid hypocrisy. It also makes life simple. All I need to do is be patient and wait for [chref=4]deep[/chref] knowing.

    True knowing is like [chref=43]the teaching that uses no words[/chref]. It is that by which we all move through life. We just 'believe' we are in control because we desire to be in control. Our desire leads to words, which leads to thoughts, which leads to us thinking that we 'know'. Thus, [chref=71]to know yet to think that one does not know is best; Not to know yet to think that one knows will lead to difficulty. [/chref]
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    So, the way I understand this, to put this into practice, when I experience the compulsion to get a handful of cashew nuts, I can return to true knowing, aka, stillness, and let it go. It sounds a little like quitting drinking which is not done by will power but by "turning our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understand him(/her/it)." It is done through surrender.

    I tried this yesterday and it worked...no snacks all day.
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    That's why we say it is [chref=64]easy[/chref]!
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