Evaluation of Penetration Testing In Security

The penetration testing should be carried out on any ethical hacking
computer which is to be deployed in any hostile environment, in any internet facing site, before the system is deployed. By this we provide the level of practical assurance for that the system will not be penetrate by any malicious user. The penetration testing is an invaluable technique for any organization for the information security program. Basically white box penetration testing is often ally used as a fully automated inexpensive process. The black box penetrating testing is a labor intensive activity that is why it is required expertise to minimize the risk of targeted system. The black box penetration testing may slow the organization network response time due to network scanning and vulnerability scanning. It is possible that system may be damaged in the course of penetration testing and may be inoperable. This risk may be minimizing by the use of experienced penetration testers but it can never be fully eliminated.


  • Thank you for sharing such an interesting post. I also want to share about Penetration testing. Penetration testing, also known as "pen testing," is a method of evaluating the security of a computer system, network, or web application by simulating an attack from a malicious source. The goal of a penetration test is to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in the system being tested, in order to gain unauthorized access or perform other malicious actions. This can help organizations identify and fix potential security weaknesses before they can be exploited by real attackers. The evaluation process is generally done by a skilled professional who will use a variety of tools and techniques to simulate different types of attacks, and will provide a report detailing any vulnerabilities found and recommendations for remediation. If you want to know more about ethical hacking click here, Ethical Hacking has been carefully designed by industry experts to ensure that the candidate understands the fundamentals of ethical hacking.

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