Our Myth of Creativity

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G'day to you, Sharon from Sydney. Thanks for your kind thoughts.
[cite] sharon bevin:[/cite]... But this much is true, she represented people who I have crossed paths with that were mean to me, in the same way - that is the only thing that I can make a connection with and I suppose the very reason why she bothered me.
... This is part of what I was getting at. The show touched a sensitive nerve in you. Emotions tend to amplify perceptions. Thus, you naturally feel the way you do about Barbara, as the edited TV show portrayed her. Sure, there is an element of truth in the show, but the clever editing greatly exaggerated that element to the point of fiction.

The same kind of think happened in our show. Some folks were very upset with my 'brain washing' my kids. Of course, the reality was just opposite. True, I did raise them from birth in a Taoist way. But, that boils down to just the opposite of what you might think 'brain washing' entails, e.g., [chref=17]the best of all 'parents' is but a shadowy presence to his subjects[/chref] (in the sense of just letting them be themselves).

That 'brain washing' was a projection of Vicki. She just could not understand where we were coming from. Anyway, people who got upset with my 'brain washing' seem, by and large, incapable of 'giving us the benefit of the doubt' - even when confronted with the evidence that son Luke detailed. Anyway, maybe food for thought. :wink:


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    How much of human thought or action is actually original? I know we think we are a creative and original specie of animal, but are we truly? Sure, we are 'different' from other animals (that brain), but the differences we see are simply an accumulation of 50,000 years of stumbing around and getting lucky once in awhile.

    All my experience suggests that nearly All we do or think is formed through group (tribal) consensus. Sure, each 'monkey' adds his bit. But, as Einstein said, "I'm standing on the shoulders of giants" (50,000 years worth). Most of the bits we add are just rearrangements of other bits and pieces. It is like we each have a room full of furniture in our mind. We move the furniture around - different points of view - but no one is the 'master carpenter' creating his own furniture. We arrive into 'adulthood' with a mind space fully furnished with words - and a set of parochial world-views formed by them. Sure, we may throw out some of this furniture, trade it or borrow someone else's, but nothing new is actually created in the deepest sense of that word. Earth has its carbon cycle and water cycle... we have our perception and preconception cycle. Correlations gives us a way to look at the furniture, examine it, feel it, and maybe even shrink and weaken it enough so it can [chref=36]be laid aside[/chref] somewhat... at least enough to peek into [chref=1]the gateway of the manifold secrets[/chref] :shock: :o :? :|
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    agreed, a completly independent thought is near imposible to experience, starting from brith we are bombarded with everyone elses ideas and society's values and virtues, giving us no time to formulate our own ideas.

    i think there do exist some minds that are better carpenters than others though. What about the worlds greatest thinkers and invenors? did they not come up with things that most could not? i suppose they are just better at giving specific ideas names. Newton didn't create the physical laws, he mearly figured out how to label them. Is he just a monkey with a better pen?
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    It is all already known. It is only, as yet, undiscovered by me.
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    [cite] sleepydave:[/cite]...Newton didn't create the physical laws, he merely figured out how to label them. Is he just a monkey with a better pen?
    Let's not forget, Newton was 'nuts' as well. That says a lot that we'd rather not hear, me thinks. :wink:
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