life comes full circle, what a true story

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well, it started as a mentor prgram thru the school that i just lept going and building on as the years went on, because i liked his company and i saw myself doing good for the boy-his folks didnt mind as it freed them to do their own thing and i provided for him financially things they could never afford

but in the yes of the law i am at best a non entity and at worst a pedophile-why else would a 40 yo man want to be frinds with an 11 yo boy...?

big news today: yesterday at 8am his grandparents got a knock on thier door-and there without warning was anthony and the case worker-in his one set of ill fitting clothes, no socks, smelling like he hadnt had a bath in a month

also no paperwork stating that the grands are his legal guardians-and they have a dr's appt tomorrow so beforehand grandpa has to get soem kind of paperwork saying this...he's old and sick and cofused by the system and fairly overwhelmed...

and he wasnt supposed to have contact with me but i called to see whats new, found out A is there, and he asked if he could come over and get some clothes for the boy-of course, we have a closetful-and he'll prolly get grief for doing that much...bcaaue the rules are: no contact with the folks, who are still in jail, no contact with me, and no karate (because it 'makes hm violent')-so not only am i being misrepresented, but the entire field of martial arts is being dissed...

so he spent 90% of his lif th last 4 years eithr with me or in karate and now both are banned...and this is supposed to help him how?

i also loaded a few toys and his mail in the bags, so he knows im thinkng of him...very hard to pack up anyhting...dont thinkill be ablk to go in his room agaimn

now heres the part you abbott type folks will appreciate: they found out anthony and i 'sleep together' and thats something i had to explain twice to grandpa-what it is about, is i dont heat the bedrooms in the winter-we spread blankets and such out in the living room, and we sleep next to each other-usually he on a raised air mattress and i on the floor-or in my chair when my backs hurting-but they see it differently of course-they dont see us sleeping or readin 'huck finn' when we're laying there, they see us...well, doing what all thos fine misguided folks thought you abbotts do in your bedroom...
i love porn and thought i had a dirty mind,,,until i got involved with the state...they put me to shame...

so its good that hes out of foster care and home with family-its bad that i still have a long road ahead to explain myslf and get his life back to mormal...but i'll turn time and tide to make sure it comes out good for, i'll make do...its all about the boy...


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    I saw this on the Waco NBC news channel KCEN yesterday (5th)

    Seven years ago a boy was batboy at a baseball game. Another player was taking practice swings when he lost his grip on the bat and it struck the boy in the chest causing his heart to stop. In the stands was a nurse and she rushed to the boys side and started CPR and brought the kid back.

    Flash forward to November of last year.

    A woman was at a local restarunt and started to choke. Her husband and a couple of other patrons tried the Heimlich maneuver on her with out success. The manager called one of the busboys whom he knew knew theHeimlich maneuver. The 17 year old came up performed the maneuver and dislodged the obstruction and saved the womans life.

    Yep, as you guessed the teenager was the young boy that got hit with the bat and the woman was the lady that saved his life seven years ago. Now he saved her life. Neither at the time recognized the other, but after a brief chat they remembered each other.

    talk about life coming full circle.
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