are y'all going to watch the super bowl ?

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well, more proof that what ive said before is true: dont get on the internet when you've been drinking...i know better-just like when i used to get on the phone and call friends i hadnt spoken to in years-middle of the night, folks love that...anyway, sorry... :oops:


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    no activity in like 12 days, so try to breath some life back into it. so the question is are y'all going to watch the super bowl ?

    I won't as I don't care for most pro sports.

    peace out,
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    I don't even know who's playing. If it's not the 49ers, then I don't watch and I'm pretty sure it's not.

    If you're looking for something else to do there's a big bluegrass festival in Bakersfield, CA that weekend.

    I'm not doing that either. :roll:
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    Hi Bob,
    [cite] unclebob:[/cite]no activity in like 12 days, ....
    You mean no activity in this Lounge I assume? Yeh, I suppose we'll just have to do another 'reality' TV show. :lol: Actually, an ABC TV person just sent us an email asking us if we wanted to go on their show Wife Swap. Ha!
    [cite] unclebob:[/cite]... are y'all going to watch the super bowl ?
    Nah... I don't really enjoy watching people bowl, frankly. 8)

    We'll be playing old time mountain music (a.k.a., bluegrass) around here I expect, so we won't have to go to Bakersfield either... Hooray :!:
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    We will be attending a family super bowl party! I am looking forward to the advertisements, a good game, some good food, and good company.

    Holmgren is the coach for the Seahawks. Being from Wisconsin and a Packer Backer I know a little of Holmgren. Now maybe he is a very nice guy but I was turned off to him a few years back when he took the Packers to the Super Bowl.

    What happened is he was interviewed before the game and a number of people drove motorcycles to the stadium(at least that is how I remember it) anyway, from the interview he said a number of things that I could tell that he didn't think we could win nor did the seem to be trying to win. He said something like, "we are just here to have a good time". Ha! Maybe he was just being a Taoist.

    But to my mind it was not the right attitude for the game. It was like we lost before we began or he was intentionally throwing the game. I was frustrated and then doubly so when we lost. So I am rooting against Holmgren.

    But then, the Seahawks have never been to the Super Bowl and maybe they deserve a win.

    In the end, the Super Bowl is more about a good time and less about the win. Often times it is a big mismatch. Winning the conference and goind to the Super Bowl is the prize in many ways.

    Enjoy the game.
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