Dine at a Really Good Fish House Calangute

Craving for the best seafood restaurant in Candolim? Try a really good fish house Calangute that serves Goan seafood delicacies, mild and spicy, juicy or dry. Sit by the beach and eat barbecued fish with a sundowner. Enjoy the warm sea breezes as your fish is cooked in front of you. Now, bite into your crunchy fish and savour this delightful cuisine.


  • Dying to sink your teeth into a local fish thali in Calangute? This delicious Konkani fare attracts tourists worldwide. Simple yet delicious, you get a couple of fish dishes to die for. And if that’s not enough, stroll down the beach and pick on fish snacks at the stalls. Try prawn chops, clam xacuti, tandoori fish, etc. at the best seafood restaurant near me and the best seafood restaurant in Calangute.
  • Want to sink your teeth into a local fish thali in Mapusa? For authentic Konkani cuisine, ask for kingfish fry, rice, dal and other standard accompaniments. Other musts at seafood restaurants in Calangute and Goa sea food are fish xacuti, prawn pickle and calamari. All worth trying. Also, nibble on fish snacks like tandoori prawns and eat to your heart’s delight.
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  • Ready for the best fish thali in Mapusa? While calamari, prawn pickle and calamari are worth trying, ask for the catch of the day. Usually, kingfish is served but you can also ask for Prawn Balchao, Crab Xacuti, Fish Recheado, and Shark Ambot Tik, among other delicacies. Here, you can take your pick of the local restaurant in Calangute and Goa sea food that you would like to eat at.
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