Window Vents/Vent Windows

So let's talk about vent windows/window vents. Are they worth it if you don't have AC? What are your thoughts on them?

Cherry Bomb, my miata, doesn't have AC. Never had it, never will. It's been blisteringly hot here in NC recently. Like, 100F which is unusual for coastal NC. Well, that translates to like 130-170F inside. Top down doesn't help much cause I'm 5'2 and have to sit with the seat all the way forward, so windows don't exactly blow air on me. So are window vents/vented windows going to help? Or is it a waste of my money?


  • They should, but I'm going back decades to recall. My ES miata could have the ac removed (dealer added), but no way.
  • In my opinion, air conditioning has a greater advantage than ventilation windows. I often have to travel around the country. Sometimes I come by fires and sewage treatment plants. Sometimes the stench is unbearable, and only closed windows and air conditioning are safe. If you don't have enough power, you can upgrade the model. Last year I replaced the air conditioner and installed tinting for the windows from Snap Shades. It is very important to take care of yourself in the summer. The body is exposed to heat and sunlight. I've even seen several cases where drivers have had heatstroke. I hope I was able to help you with advice.
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