do y'all Sudoku ?

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Each week we address one chapter of the Tao Te Ching. The Tao Te Ching can be obscure, especially if you think you're supposed to understand what it's saying! We find it easier and more instructive to simply contemplate how the chapter resonates with your personal experience. Becoming more aware at this fundamental level simplifies life. This approach conforms to the view that true knowing lies within ourselves. Thus, when a passage in the scripture resonates, you've found your inner truth. The same applies for when it evokes a question; questions are the grist for self realization.

Chapter 30
One who assists the ruler of men by means of the way does not intimidate the
empire by a show of arms.

This is something which is liable to rebound.
Where troops have encamped
There will brambles grow;
In the wake of a mighty army
Bad harvests follow without fail.

One who is good aims only at bringing his campaign to a conclusion and dare
not thereby intimidate. Bring it to a conclusion but do not boast; bring it to
a conclusion but do not brag; bring it to a conclusion but do not be arrogant;
bring it to a conclusion but only when there is no choice; bring it to a
conclusion but do not intimidate.

A creature in its prime doing harm to the old
Is known as going against the way.
That which goes against the way will come to an early end.

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    I was just curious how many of y'all "play" Sudoku ? do a google search, but Sudoku is kinda like a number puzzle. a guy at work brought in some copies and this darn thing is really addictive.

    one link is

    peace out,

    edit: the easy puzzles can be really easy but are a good place to start.
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    I've played the Sudoku games in the TV Guide. That was before we cancelled our subscription. It's become too much like People.

    Anyway, Soduko is tricky. . . at least for me. I've never caught on to it.
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    Love it!
    My wife and I compete with each other at it.
    She is doing one right now and likes to create her own. She recently created one that had two dead ends!

    She is getter better every day and I am worried that I will not be able to compete with her soon.
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