CBD oil?

What are your thoughts on CBD products? If you've used CBD, what kind of product have you used (oil, gummies, capsules, etc.)? Why did you decide to use it, and has it helped? Any side effects or unexpected benefits?

I'm thinking about getting some, for me and my cat. She has inflammation issues that are triggered by stress. And I'd like to see if CBD could help me with stress, as well.

(Don't worry, I've been coordinating with my vet on which CBD products and brands are safe for my cat.)


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    Well, you better consult with a doctor and vet about this idea. The researches about CBD-related products show that they can be effective for people who are fighting against anxiety or depression, but I'm not sure that CBD will help your cat, keep in mind that cats and other animals have another metabolism, and you need to be very accurate with doses, at the same time I don't remember if it was any researches about CBD products influence on cats, I can ask at my Burlington’s favourite dispensary about this topic and will be back with an update. So please, before giving something to your cat, at least find out if it is safe.
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