kyle looks like...

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Neither of us can be absolutely sure of the truth of our position

That's why I am tentative.


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    supreme court nominee samuel alito-just figured it out-anyone agree?
    if i could post pics to compare i would but take a look and you'll, big k, whats your stance on abortion?
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    and in at least newspaper pic i saw, Luke is a spitting image of the oldest boy in the new Chronicles of Narnia flick...i dont go around looking for Abbott twins-i jusy have a gift for catching resemblances where others might not, and when i mention such, my friends'll look and say 'heeeey, they dooo look alike!' weird, but thats me...
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    What's my stance? Show me the money, I'll show you my stance!

    Personally, I don't see much similarity. Somebody said I looked like some lady on some TV show. I get around.

    Next, people will see me in Loch Ness! :wink:
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    i'm told i favor hilary swank, napoleon dynamite, or richard hatch from survivor...nonsense-anyone can see i'm most like clint eastwood in his mid 70's heyday!
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