how do you invest now when there is a gloomy inflation already started?

i was thinking of buying a condo, then I am thinking well what if i will not like it...what if some neighbour will annoy me....etc....

how are you investing ?

I know I mde mistakes in the past not buying condos because the prices rose so much past few years but still I am afraid


  • The real estate market kept rising even in times of pandemic. Right now, in terms of huge incoming inflation because of the crisis in Ukraine is a good time to invest in some real estate property. If you are from the UK, I would suggest you buy some property in Manchester or London, by different experts this property price will keep rising. Also, if you are nervous about this, I recommend you approach a professional financial advisor company like to ensure you know all risks. I'm sure they will find the best option for you; I always ask their help if I need some advice about financial operations.
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