Hoping someone bites.....

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I received this quote in my email:

"Even the present life does not exist, How could the after-life exist?"?
-Phra Ajarn Buddhadasa

Sounds true to me. Anyone else have any thoughts they'd like to share?


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    I'm new to this site and was hoping for a little info on Taoism. Not sure whether I'm at the right place. Feeling lonely...Please reply :cry:
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    You are in the right place for information on Taoism. Just look around. It's all here. Carl, the person in charge of the Center, lives Taoism and loves to explain it. If you have a specific question, put it out there and someone will take it on.

    Regarding the lonliness, the interaction on this site is, shall we say, light? Taoism doesn't seem to appeal to the masses, so there are only a few of us who check this site regularly. The good news is that since there are so few of us, your appearance here is big news!

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    Your response has lifted my spirits. :)
    Since I have only discovered Taoism about four months ago, I have struggled to discover a site which could help me learn more about such an awesome philosophy. I am delighted to have finally discovered such a site. I look forward to learning more with the assistance of chatters like yourself.
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    I have a friend in chicago-maybe you know him-his name is Joe... :lol:
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    Sorry. I don't know anybody by that name. It's actually pretty difficult finding many people who follow Taoist philosophy :D
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