our anniversary

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Thank you for your response and welcome Carl.

I will do my best to be welcome contributor to this forum.

You said, "I?ve come to realize that very very few people have any true ?curiosity? or interest in what the Taoist worldview implies". I have witnessed this and read the passage you quote from TTC70. But I haven't wanted to believe this. Now, when you say it, it sounds more clear and it "is as is should be", I suppose. sigh...

Any suggestions you would have on how to begin a local group would be appreciated.


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    has it been one year already??!! actually no, not for 2 more days -but i'm sure to forget it then so i'd better post now. thanx for a year of friendship and support, and a place to put my 622 posts-so much for those who said i was just jumping on the bandwagon of your fame or whatever-or those who said i was annoying or boring koffkoff joanne koffkoff...or those who said i was an internet pornographer named richard with vast amounts of nude pics on the net- :shock: ah good times...
    it's been fun watching luke and kyle and little carl & leslie grow...wish i'd posted more in the 'deeper' threads-and i will-but i've never stopped thinking, trust me...doing my best to go with the flow-nice to know you got my back.
    peace and love buddy
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    Oh, yeah, look. You can see how long you've been posting. I missed my anniversary; see? It was in July.

    I've been involved with the Internet since the early 90's and this is the best place I've found. I still read Dilbert and Dr. Weil and cbaontheweb.org, of course, I married it, but this is where I find like-minded people. Well, more than that, but I don't know how to put it.
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