New Home Construction.

I hope everybody is holding up?

Maybe not the best time to post this, but my wife and I have been thinking about having a house built based on a design that we like. We have been looking at homes for years, countless open houses, and found nothing that we love or doesn't have some issue. Here are some of the features we hope to have installed.

1). Whole-house diesel generator.
2). Radiant floor heat including basement slab.
3). High-ceiling basement with 10" inch thick walls using 5,000 psi concrete.
4). Central vacuum system.
5). Pre-wired for security and fire alarm system.
6). 2x6 framing with spray-foam insulation.
7). Double-hung windows with simulated divided lites between the glass.
8). Whole-house dehumidifier.
9). White oak 5/4 hardwood floors.
10). Cement panel walls instead of sheetrock.
11). Solid-core interior doors installed with pocket door hardware.
12). 12-3 gauge Romex electric wire.
13). Metal slate-style-shingle roof.
14). Whole-house electrical surge protection system.
15). Type K copper plumbing.

Any suggestions or feedback is welcome. Thanks!


  • There is no bad time to build your own house! Problems can always be real estate is constantly getting more expensive, so this is a great investment of your money. I agree that to implement your project, and you will have to build this house yourself or hire an architect and a construction team. But I think it's great to be able to build a house with all your wishes in mind. I did the same thing when I married, and my wife and I wanted to buy our house. Since the construction cost us more than we expected, at first, we could not even buy our furniture and rented it from, but it was worth it.
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