Needing to stay mentally well!!

Wasnt too sure where to actually put this.

I am returning back to my job after having 6 weeks off due to lovely mental health. 6 weeks ago, my old cpn has me assessed under the act so I had to call in sick for work. The outcome of the assessment was home treatment team.

I had quite a bad week 3 weeks ago. But i am looking forward to returning to work. Now, my work has never been a problem. Its always been my mental health declining and that meant i couldnt work.

I am currently under going trauma based therapy which is bloody hard! I find nearly after every session i am either drained or just very vulnerable. Or both! However i know have a new care co. Thank god!!!

From what i have noticed. Sometime i will do too much overtime as at the time of booking it i think i can handle it. Then when it comes around too it. I am drained.

My triggers are:
Not taking meds
Not eating right
Money worries

I arent sure what else.

I have very strong ... signs of EUPD. So that is also something i need to be aware off.

Anyone got anything else they can think off


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