Whirlpool vs Frigidaire Refrigerator (2022): Which Family Fridge Should You Buy?

If you have a large family, having a big fridge is essential to feeding them. A large-capacity refrigerator is required because you would need to stock up on food. Having enough space means you won’t have to worry about groceries getting spoiled and wasted because it won’t fit in the fridge.

Two of the most trusted brands in the refrigerator industry are Whirlpool and Frigidaire. To help you decide which brand to buy, we will review a couple of their bigger models – the Whirlpool WRX735SDHZ and the Frigidaire FFHB2750TS.

These are French Door refrigerators with capacities of at least 25 cubic feet. We will list down and compare their specifications below and then discuss their features in detail.



  • We stuck with the Frigidaire as well. I contacted the local repair company that would do the warranty work (if there is any, which we hope not) and they said it was 6 of one a dozen of another as far as cost of parts and availability. The sidekick (according to them) was a disaster but the compressor has been redesigned but is unknown how it will perform...
  • Compressor is, allegedly, brand new and all the rest is the same. All of the complaints about the rest of the workings would be the same... I would talk to a second repair person.
  • I will give you my feelings of the reviews, I think sometimes people just get on there and rant to be ranting. I have read some where someone would be raving and it wasn't even the model they were reviewing OR the review they are doing is for a model that's been out for 6-9 months and they say "I have had mine 2 yrs and it is junk". It's just hard for me to believe that there will be a row of 5 stars saying best I ever used or bought, then next few start with 1 star screaming junk.I had the Frigidaire all refrigerator and all freezer and I was glad I sold them this site Maybe I'm crazy but I know some people that wouldn't be satisfied regardless. Always hunting a problem and wanting to fuss. But I also know you can get a lemon.
  • The biggest draw back for me was the useless space between the vegetable drawers and the bottom shelf. I found that the Whirlpool Sidekicks had 4 drawers and not just two as the Frigidaire series had. So glad I am able to switch at this time.
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