When making a sandwich

Hello. I remember when I used to make a sandwich using lettuce, I would wash it first. Then it went on the bread. However the remaining moisture on its surface would make the bread soggy. Just wondering how you guys deal with this. Is it necessary to wipe the lettuce leaves off or pat them dry first?


  • Very cool sandwiches turned out, I would have eaten all of them alone, huh. Besides, you posted such delicious photos that I wanted to make myself sandwiches right now and try out my new sandwich maker https://www.amazon.com/pie-iron-for-campfire-cooking/dp/B088H42W2L the one my mom gave me recently. I love sandwiches and can experiment with different flavors and ingredients. My family often has a barbecue on Sundays and at this barbecue I make my signature sandwiches with braised ham and leg of lamb, which is served in lingonberry and chili sauce. The combination is just fire, you can try to make such a sandwich somehow. I'm sure you'll like it.
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