Shave or not shave

It seems that most dancers shave their pubic hair to make their cocks look bigger, but it might not be natural. So do you prefer that or not? How about escorts?

I would like to watch dancers to move on the stage with only trimmed pubic hair. And when it is on the bed, I hope they shave the hair on balls and penis, leave those above their cocks. It is annoying when suck or lick cocks or balls with hair on.


  • I've spoken to a couple dancers at the Gold Coast in Detroit who've said they are required to trim their pubic hair pretty close if they're going to dance there.
  • I think they do it not because of the requirements but because of convenience.Well, I think shaving your hair in the groin area is something from a long time ago. Laser hair removal is now popular, such as procedures from The cost of laser hair removal of the intimate area will pay off, as it will save on various caring products. In many ways, not only because of the lack of hair, but also because of healthy skin, and I think that's why dancers are increasingly, and not only prefer to remove hair in the groin area. It is aesthetically pleasing and hygienic, and also very sexy.
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