Varnish for veneered oak door?

I’ve just had a pair of oak veneered doors delivered and it says to treat them straight away with 'varnish suitable for veneered doors'. I will have to go out and buy some. Is there such a thing? Aren’t they all just 'varnish'? Will it specifically say on the tin that it’s suitable for veneered doors?


  • Both are cool as long you don't mind the spores. I had the same dilemma when deciding what kind of interior doors to choose. I bought mine from It was the only seller that didn't try to push solid wood doors down my throat, by the way. I have nothing against solid wood except for the price that comes along with them. Ultimately, I bought a set of veneered doors, and I am very happy with my purchase. They are much lighter and comfortable to use, and the price is more affordable.
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