Dentist lacking in removable knowledge

Hi, I'm a young(er) dentist who is lacking in removable knowledge. What are the most important details that you as a denture technician need to know from the dentist?

1) And what are your thoughts on metal RPD vs flexible?

2) The local lab I use--patients complain that their flexible partials start becoming smelly pretty quickly just after a few years.. Is there a reason why?


  • I think metal parts are much more effective than flexible ones since they actively affect bones and teeth. You can achieve the desired result much faster. Of course, the aesthetic component of medical procedures is important for most people, so they prefer I always advise my patients to use metal equipment, such as metal braces or staples. They are much more reliable, and I can guarantee a positive result since I have experience working with these materials. But I do not deny that flexible parts will become much more popular in a few years.
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