Stock Looking LED Headlights

I was inspired by Pat's Octane Halogen thread but didnt want to stomp on his thread. I would like to upgrade to a nice bright LED headlight for my 69 but only if I could find a stock looking headlight. Many of the headlights have a flat lens on them which I dont want. At this point I have found two that have a stock/classic/domed lens look to them. Wondering if anyone has experience with either one or any other suggestions.?
The first is from Vintage Car LEDs and the model is the VC3500. Havent been able to find much info about them but the couple reviews were very favorable.
The second is the Octane Lighting 26741 (low beam) and 26606 (high beam). Havent been able to find any reviews about those particular models but some other reviews on Octane Lighting halo LEDs were not all that good so wonder if the issues run throughout the entire product line.


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    Today, a new line of LED lighting is released in different directions; the company Philips has made this type of lighting available to everyone. Thanks to the precise positioning of powerful LED lamps about the reflector, with the help of the creation of smart LEDs, it was possible to solve two age-old problems of automotive optics - its durability and blinding effect. Therefore, I use only their products. In addition to replacing the headlights, I bought several to install inside the cabin and add a cozy atmosphere. I managed to connect them directly to the battery.
  • I have no interest in Cars and Racing but after taking service from Dc car detailing. I just become addicted to
    it. I started loving cars and their parts. I love to have a modified car too. Recently I also got a stock of LED Headlights.
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