Eliminating the Causes of Suffering (2nd Noble truth)

interesting story on how the Cherryholmes started the band as a response to their daughters death-have to read up more on them-just gave their webste a quick glance-it appears they had little muscical experience before forming the band? have to give them a listen of course, too-they could become my 2nd favrite bluegrass family...


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    I am going to try to summarize how to eliminate/reduce the cause of suffering and of course I fail at trying to do these:

    1. Have no ego, be egoless.
    2. Practice nonattachment for the good or bad.
    3. Nonduality, everything is connected only our mind does the dividing.
    4. Everything is changing, nothing is constant!
    5. Be in the NOW that is all that exists.
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    Thank you for such a wise and concise summary. All I would add is

    ACCEPT that everything is changing, nothing is constant!

    I will be able to do all these things when I'm dead and gone. Till then, pass the beer nuts!
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    [cite] Lynn Cornish:[/cite]I will be able to do all these things when I'm dead and gone.

    That is the up side of death that rarely gets any press. :wink:
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    I have been distinguishing these in my life and, in my experience, it is never a finished work. I suppose it is possible that there are those who are more susecptible to living in harmony with such principles, either by character or by nature, but that would be my pride (ego) talking.

    I have to constantly distinguish when one of these is running the show:
    my pride (ego)
    my sense of good/bad and right/wrong
    my sense of separateness
    my living in the past

    For instance, even whether I do this is not good or bad but a choice I make. But I am right now, even as I type, making it good or bad.
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    I am in total agreement with you and it will never be a finished work. That is the beauty of the journey of the suffering and joy that we experience. It is in the journey where the "enternity" is at, not the goals or final outcome.

    I look at the Tao Te Ching, Zen Buddhism, etc. as a vehicle to take me on my journey of life and death, when that vehicle no longer works, I will drop it like a "dung wiping stick". :yy:
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