Track and Field and Gambling?

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Has this interesting quote from Willie Banks.

World Athletics is also considering adding a gambling aspect to the meets as another way of attracting fans, Banks said.

What do people think about this angle of helping try and promote the sport? On a related topic, sports betting is legal in Oregon and DraftKings is the state approved gambling app and will be having betting for the World Championships.


  • I believe there is nothing wrong with attracting gambling to professional sports, although this also has drawbacks. Many teenagers will learn about the casino and lose their money thoughtlessly, so this issue must be approached with responsibility. As an adult, I understand that the chance to win in a casino is very small. If someone wants to attract gambling to sports, I'm only for it because casino advertising makes a lot of money. Anyway, I like to play casinos or poker on weekends with friends. I was even able to find a cool casino here on
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