Calendar scene


I'm thinking about how to manage "calendars" that also the user can define, there is the possibility in visu to create a combo box that scrolls me the group addresses and descriptions (or give the possibility to memorize what I choose) in a way to be able to then link it to an ON / OFF script?

It is a feature that would be very convenient, the scene function present, (only in mosaic) is very limited, I cannot associate the function with groups of objects, it also supports only one calendar, while the old system that we would like to replace me gives the possibility to attach the scene to different calendars and activate only the one concerned, without having to recreate it (for example lights between winter and summer calendar).

Any suggestions ?


  • Did you take into consideration using the paper-based calendars? I have one hanging in my hallway, and it's a life-changing decision since it helps me to keep track of everything and be organized. Or, if you need to share them with multiple people, you can copy them and place them in a document where you can all have access. I have used for the past year, and they have the best templates. Firstly, I love that they are simple and leave enough space for each date to write the most important aspect.
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