[New Template] Restaurant Menu & Delivery (updated 22. may 2022)

I have just completed a fully responsive and simple restaurant menu, ordering and delivery managing template.

Its for anyone that needs a business-ready website with little hassle and would love to include feedback, improvement and feature ideas.
Its easy to edit, chance content or add new features to. Also by far the most complete food ordering template atm.


Modern landing page with menu, about section and either free or paid food delivery
Multi-item shopping cart setup with Stripe checkout
Inventory management system
Order dashboard with delivery management
Admin dashboard where you can change company name, logo, tax, tagline etc.
Build exclusively on the new responsive engine and fully responsive on all screen sizes
Log-in navigation in footer
Only free plug-ins
This template is #buildinpublic and provided as-it-is. Basic understanding of Bubble is needed to tweak the template, however, all elements are named and structured using best practices.

Guide to get your restaurant page running:

Add your Google Maps API key and Stripe API key
Create a user, add food items and modify branding on the admin page
Delete DEMO LOGIN BUTTON and publish the APP on your domain


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    Some of the cafes I visited neglected this. I don't know if restaurant owners realize that menu design isn`t a customer's whim, but also business card that characterizes their place... It's a small thing, but it's really essential. My brother and I opened a small coffee shop and to choose a template for the menu was a challenge, basically we were considering something minimalistic but creative, so we stumbled upon https://docsandslides.com/googledocs/menu/ and they really helped us out. One of the templates we chose for our coffee shop.
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