NEW Food & Beverage Coordinator

Looks like there is a new position rolling out for F&B. Looks like they will go around to and be responsible for different Targets. Kind of like a middle between F&B TLs and the F&B director. Think F&B business partner.

Anyone have any info on the position? pay range? I left Target a few months ago for an offer I couldn't turn down, but it sounds like I was being prepped for this role before I even knew about it.


  • It would be nice if the food and beverage quality control coordinator was also attentive to the quality of this food and water and was also engaged in marketing services. Well, very often, large companies have provisions that could be distributed as free food to churches and charities and get additional points from the point of view of ethics. I mean high-quality good food that was most likely purchased in excess for any team building and training.
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