How influenced are you by social media?

I was prompted to start this thread after watching something on TV earlier, where a chewy green vitamin pill in the shape of a bear is being promoted as an easy way to increase hair growth (bears are hairy & furry, as those of us who've cuddled grizzlies know) by some social media 'celebrities' (who I've never heard of) on Instagram etc. Those pills cost about twenty times that of similar vitamin preparations in plain pill form & plain packaging from a supermarket. And the manufacturer of those gummy vitamin bears is raking in £$€ by the sackful.

My first thought was, in the immortal words of John McE: "You cannot be serious!"

However, I've never been on any social media of any sort (partly because of my job) but though I don't think I'm influenced by any media - or other people -, I probably am to some extent when deciding what and who I want to listen to. Though as most of my listening is to (classical) radio, where I have no control over the music being played, I do end up listening to lots of stuff that I wouldn't have chosen to buy recordings of, nor attend concerts for. Sometimes, I'm intrigued and want to know and listen more; other times, I'm indifferent and switch my mind towards preparing my gourmet meal wink (or whatever I happened to be doing whilst listening). Very occasionally, I really can't stand the music (or what passes for it) - or, even more rarely, the performer -, and turn the radio off.

But I believe that for many (most?) people, social media is where they get most of their information of the world, including the musical world. Mostly pop, but classical too, especially among the young who grew up with Facebook et al and never known a world without the internet. After all, we regularly get posts here about pianists who are in the social media limelight, much more often than (arguably) better musicians who aren't. I name no names......but it seems those posters are no longer active in PW.

So, do you think you're influenced (easily or uneasily wink ) by social media - or indeed any media - in your likes & dislikes of performers and composers and music, and in what way?

N.B. No politics please.......


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    I think social media affect everyone, and it seems stupid to deny it. It's a source of information for many. I can create some clips for TikTok with my girlfriend or watch videos on YouTube or Instagram. But I don't do it every day or even regularly, I treat it as entertainment. However, my niece, for example, has a different attitude. She believes that her TikTok account is her future job, and she even asked me to buy followers for her at
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