Jesus and Muhammed, same person?

Jesus lived in 00.00 AD. Muhammed came forth a few centuries later.

How, you ask, could one person be two people, especially when Muhammed was born 400 years later? For your theory incorporates the stupendously maniacal idea that Jesus could have lived past the age of 400 years.

Ah, but thats just what I am saying. The fellow was an immortal remmeber?

So Jesus the immortal lived on for how long? Who knows?

but if he was an immortal, then chances are he went upon the middle east 400 years after his original name of jesus, under a new name muhammed he created islam.


  • Good lord. It's no wonder religiosity is so inversely proportional to educational attainment.
  • If we consider this issue from a historical point of view, of course, this is impossible. Jesus was a famous historical figure who changed the cult of Roman paganism to the Christian faith. Muhammad was a prophet who brought people faith in Allah. Even though all faiths are similar, there are certain differences. Christianity preaches a humble life on earth for the sake of exaltation in heaven, while Islam is more based on fulfilling the will of Allah. I admit that I like the ideas that advertise more All religions are bloodthirsty enough. You need to be good people and spread love and faith.
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