Housework over hols

I’m finding it tough , all home for Xmas and every home a mess ....teens sleeping all day and up to eat play Xbox and watch Netflix ...I’m expecting help but very little coming! Should I just keep doing what I do with my jobs and let them enjoy themselves? They do dishwasher and fire but that’s all


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    Even though the holidays have begun, children should help their parents with chores around the house. I don't think taking out garbage or washing dishes is a difficult task that will take a lot of effort or time to complete. They must be clean; otherwise, they will be just as irresponsible about their work in the future. You have to teach them how the real world works . No one will clean up after them when they grow up. I advise you to be stricter with them; otherwise, they will completely stop obeying you over the years. Modern parents give too much freedom to children.
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