7Sage LSAT Fundamentals Group Class - August

Hi everyone! I'm Raphael and I'm one of the 99th-percentile tutors here at 7Sage. This coming month, I'm offering a group class to teach LSAT fundamentals. This class is perfect for those of you who are still working through core curriculum or those who, after finishing it, still feel like they want a bump on fundamentals and elements of timing.

Classes begin Thursday, August 4th, at 9pm and meet weekly at that time through October 10.


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    Hiring a tutor to take the LSAT is a great idea in order to pass it the first time. For me, the most difficult part was the last part - essay. This is the final testing module, whose mission is to complete an essay on a given topic or question. It is important not just to describe and reveal the essence of the issue. But also to substantiate your own point of view by providing relevant arguments and facts. In order to get a high score, I studied additionally with a tutor from lsattutor.nyc.
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