...okay, I see your point about the wording of my reply. So applying the concept of contentment to the original chapter language, the teaching is that when we seek discernment we gain contentment only through the balancing principle of emptiness ..... that knowledge in itself serves to broaden us internally, but does not externally help us ....that is, it does not help us by anything we can do with it. Gaining knowledge to "do" something with it would be serving only manmade needs ......

From your perspective, is my understanding of this teaching ".....accurate? (note how carefully I worded that! :D )


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    I've been doing some research on the topic of synchronicity.
    This is due to the fact that a lot of strange coincidences have been happening to me lately. Specifically since just before the hurricane, and since then.

    So I was just curious, what are all of yall's thoughts on the topic?
    Also, are there any other New Orleans natives out there? Have you been experiencing the same?
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    I've experienced synchronicity too. It seems to occur when my awareness is heightened, when I am feeling very clear. Perhaps the danger of the hurricane created an increased awareness in you?

    I think it is more due to the noticing than in anything different going on in the universe. At least, for me. But still, I think it's wonderful and I like when it happens.

    I'd like to think it is evidence that all is connected but that may be getting a little new agey and I'm not sure about that.
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    [cite] Jlynn:[/cite]... a lot of strange coincidences have been happening to me lately.

    ... Have you been experiencing the same?

    In my experience, coincidence is 'reality'. Its opposite, disconnected awareness is illusion and ignorance born of the distraction of my thoughts which dwell in the future and in the past. This 'future' or 'past' is any period of time from seconds to years away from now. As I became more aware in the moment to moment, my life seemed to became more synchronous. It didn't really, I just became more aware of the synchronous flow of Nature. It is a real treat when that awareness awakens, but then it becomes 'normal life'... :)

    The main thing that hinders the sense of synchronicity is our emotional expectation of how life should be. Struggling to shoehorn life into a preconceived ideal overwhelms our very subtle and [chref=6]dimly visible[/chref] sense of Nature's coincidence. As we cease to believe life should be a certain way, we become more able to sense its [chref=56]mysterious sameness[/chref]

    What is mysterious sameness? Just another word for 'coincidence' and 'synchronous'... only with a nice touch of mysterious thrown in.

    It is interesting to see the dictionary (see below). These are not regarded as synonyms, but they are what I call pseudo synonyms. The more you look for similarities ([chref=56]mysterious sameness[/chref]) rather than differences, the more everything starts becoming mysteriously the same.

    coincidence >n. 1 a remarkable concurrence of events or circumstances without apparent causal connection. 2 correspondence in nature or in time of occurrence.

    synchronous >adj. 1 existing or occurring at the same time.
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    I agree with you that once we start noticing similarities, they become increasingly obvious and more frequent. It's like when you buy a new car - suddenly every other car you see is the same colour as your one (I've noticed this particularly with my latest car - the number of silver ones I see you wouldn't believe!)
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