Who knows hair?! Extension color match question!

Hi! I ordered a set of Luxy hair extensions. After sending the company a couple photos, they recommended I get the “ash” shade. That is the color I am holding up in the pictures.

I sent these pictures to the sales associate to see if she thought it was a good match, and she said I should try the chocolate shade (pictured on the left below). I am ignorant about hair but am worried the chocolate shade would be too dark.

any bees here knowledgable about hair/extensions and can give me their opinion? I am supposed to have my hair trial, so I need to make a decision soon :/

^^ash was initially recommended (in the photos of me), chocolate is the next recommendation


  • I think either would work and it depends on if you want a lighter or darker overall look.
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    It is almost impossible to accurately guess the color of a strand from a photo because the color rendering of a person's monitor, on the other hand, may be completely different. In other words, your natural color is chestnut, and the screen transmits ashen. It is best to discuss this issue with a master who will choose the right shade of strands in the salon. My sister even changed the color for false hair. Nowadays, anyone can have any length, style, or hairstyle, given that it is possible to transplant hair into https://www.novahairtransplantnyc.com/. I think you should contact the manufacturer and change the color of the strands. Good luck!
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