Emotional Support Animals

Do you have an emotional support animal or pet that helps you cope with your disease?

Taking care of my dog gives me purpose and structure to my day. I cuddle with her when I’m not feeling well physically or emotionally. Yesterday I had a stomach ache and she served as a heating pad. Laying in bed with her feels less like I’m wasting my day because I know I’m making her feel good.

Please share stories about the animals in your life that bring you joy!


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    All dogs provide an emotional connection to their owners, but in order for a dog to qualify as an emotional support animal (ESA) https://www.esaregistration.org/, it must be given by a qualified mental health practitioner to a person who has a severe mental illness. It must be determined by a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist that the patient's mental health requires the animal's presence. For instance, having a pet may reduce anxiety or provide a person with a sense of purpose in life. Any age and any breed of dog is acceptable.
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