Business Review of Fortune High Tech Marketing

I have chosen to review this company for several reasons. What struck me about FHTM is what sets it apart from typical MLM's. I was also impressed with its Company leadership. It has also risen to the top featured as one of most successful MLM Companies in the last couple of years while showing continued potential for solid growth.

The 5 important questions we must ask when reviewing any MLM Company Company credibility: such as how long it has been around, is it debt free and what is the Company Vision and Focus.

FHTM Company credibility: FHTM was started for the reps in this industry by a rep, Paul Orberson. Paul worked as a rep for Excel making the most millions of dollars in 20 consecutive months than any other rep in the history of the network marketing industry. He came out of retirement to answer his higher calling in life, to create a marketing company with his son that gave representatives the opportunity to make the most money possible in this industry. At head office, all FHTM all staff are Independent Representatives. Like a family, they are the same people who started with the Company 9 years ago. The Company is 100% debt free. It has no overhead or inventory. 98% of the money that comes through the Company goes back out to the reps. It is internationally based.

After being given a ¼ chance of, Paul Orberson felt his time was not up. He started True Essentials, the one health and wellness Company FHTM offers. He used these unique organic products in his recovery program to cure himself of his terminal condition. He is a little bit religious in his talks but always very focused on helping his representative's with their long term success. Company has been featured in top business magazines and by top financial leaders and mentors as not just being legitimate but as a truly unique opportunity for anyone motivated to succeed at a home-based business in the Network Marketing Industry.

o Leadership Training Provided: What is the quality of leadership and training provided, if any?
FHTM's Leadership and Training: Some well known top earners in Network Marketing are leaders in this Company. clearly states that he wants to be judged by how many millionaires the Company makes and it is clearly making a lot of them.
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