How to auto-generate API tests from UI tests

In this example, we look at how we can auto-generate API tests from UI tests in Boozang using "Generate API" play mode.

There are many test automation tools to do API testing. As Boozang can be used for both End-2-End/UI tests and API tests it's possible to mix them in the same test, using the same test data. We have also launched the feature "Generate API" that records an API test based on a UI test. This way you can generate API tests really fast without the need for deep developer knowledge of the application.
The Shop

We will use the test application "The Shop" to illustrate this functionality

provided by itswadesh.

In this application you can add a number of items to cart, and place and order for the items. When adding things to the cart, the cart is stored on the client side, so no API calls are being done. It's not until the user placed the order, the server-side is engaged via an API call.


  • "It’s no surprise that there are a lot of possibilities to do that you have to explore. However, it's important to know what you need and how to use it to satisfy all your needs. For example, for a long time, when it comes to the UI test automation tool, I have used this specific platform, and it's one of the best I have tried yet. Moreover, their website it’s extremely well organized, so you can find all the details super easy, which makes the whole process more accessible and more comfortable.
  • You can generate using alternative tools, but you should analyze first which tool is perfect for generating, but now you don't worry about that, I suggest you similar website finder for this purpose, there are many alternative tools in it, you can easily sort out your best tool.
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