The real estate market is crazy right now

So we have been looking to buy a vacation cabin or house on a couple acres for a few years now. We narrowed it down to the Western NC area and were finally ready to pull the trigger on something this past year.

What in the holy hell are people smoking? Is it just Western NC that is completely bat shit insane or is it everywhere? I know our house in FL has appreciated some absurd amount (at least on paper).

I mean any old house that's sub $300k with a couple acres is gone within days. Who's buying all these properties and where are the people who were living in them going? When do you realestate guys think it's going to stop?

Seems we drove out here for nothing other than to freeze our asses off because literally every property we wanted to see was sold by the time we got here and got showings scheduled. I think we are done for now. I remember getting fucked with my condo back during the 2008 crash when it became worthless practically overnight. Don't want to repeat that mistake again.


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