Linking Podcast blog to Goodreads

I do a book review podcast which would be a good addition to my Goodreads Author page but when I try and link it I am told that the
feed entry has problems Message reads:
Problems with this feed entry would prevent it from being imported: This post has already been imported.
You might try using a different feed format if one is available.
Has anyone come across this and is there any (simple) advice for how to rectify? I am not a techie but it would be great to get this sorted out...
(the podcast site is
Many thanks


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    If you store audio files on your own website, you may encounter technical difficulties and lack of space on servers. It's easier to register in a podcast service, such as SoundCloud. After downloading the audio files, it will generate an RSS feed. Some specialized hosting companies will even take over the distribution of the podcast by catalog. Therefore, free podcast hosting can be a great tool for you. Think about how to understand this better. Good luck in your business! I hope I helped you.
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