The Ant and I

But if "self" is really an illusion, then why is everyone different? People react differently to things, have their own opinions and thoughts. Everyone has their own experiences in life, and different personalities. Don't these things tend to define us, and in turn make us unique?


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    The other day I was soaking in the bath tub musing over my quixotic impulse to challenge the free will myth. I hold out no hope of succeeding so why am I 'tilting at windmills'? All I can say is that I'm probably driven by a primate social instinct to sound a 'lions nearby alarm'. Although maybe not as dangerous as a hungry lion, I do see this myth as an obstacle to self understanding.

    Anyway, while reflecting on the irony, I noticed an ant crawling on the wall. What could this little guy teach me? I recalled the years when my thoughts would have hinged on the presumed differences between myself and an ant, choice-wise, i.e., an ant moves out of instinct, while I move out of choice. Oh jeez, what a lonely feeling that perspective induces. Returning to my 'similarities are reality' point of view, I see we - the ant and I - are kindred souls. We're both moved by our needs and fears, despite the fact that I can endlessly mull over mine. I am the ant; I am no longer alone. :)
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